Early Season Customer Wish List?

What are your clients asking for?

In the April issue of PRO, we ask portable sanitation contractors about the upgrades most frequently being requested by customers these days. It’s no surprise that hand-wash sinks and hand sanitizers top the list mentioned in our Think Tank feature story.

This is the response I hear most frequently from contractors, and industry manufacturers have heard the message loud and clear as well. In another story in the April issue, we looked at new products introduced at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo earlier this year … and some of the most popular items we saw were stand-alone sinks to accompany portable restrooms.

It’s no wonder. With concern growing over more virulent strains of flu, the fear of E coli outbreaks – sometimes linked to poor hand-washing in produce fields, and lost time due to sick days in fields like construction, it seems like some sort of sink or sanitizer is gaining standard issue status for restrooms.

Take a look at the contractor responses in the Think Tank feature, then let us know what customers are saying in your state, region and hometown. Send me an e-mail at editor@promonthly.com and I’ll share your views in a future blog. Or go to our PRO Online Discussion forum at this Web site and start a conversation.


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