Vacuum truck rollover rescue caught by photographer

Check out a great rollover prevention video

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You never want to see a vacuum truck flipped over on its back, but photos shot this week in Massachusetts show how towing operators right an overturned vacuum truck. The Taunton Daily Gazette ran a story with photos of rescue workers getting a vac truck’s rubber back on the road after it rolled over. See how they did it here: 

According to the news account, the Mack truck rolled over this week on Highway 140 near Route 24 in Taunton, stopping traffic for more than two hours. Hopefully the driver wasn’t injured in this crash.

The incident reminds us about the dangers of traveling down the road with a liquid load. And it’s a good time to share the link to a valuable trucking video first published in a Safety First story in PRO in 2011. Maybe the accident this week will prompt you to sit down with your route drivers and watch this well-made video about rollover prevention produced by the National Tank Truck Carriers and the American Trucking Association in cooperation with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

You can see the video at It’s also free to download and show to drivers as part of a safety-training program.

Let’s all be careful out there!

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