Ooooh ooooh that smell!

What ranks as your stinkiest job?

This morning I was talking to Duane Barth, owner of North Dakota’s The Rental Store, about a profile story about his company coming up in the January issue of PRO. It’s an interesting story about how Duane greatly expanded the portable sanitation portion of his equipment rental business.

Who knows why, but our casual conversation turned to some of the jobs Barth’s company does that come with the most offensive odors. Every once in a while this topic comes up when I’m visiting with pumpers, and I often learn something new and have a few laughs at the same time.

Well, Duane surprised me by saying carwash pit work can make his drivers hold their noses more than most anything. I always thought the most objectionable scents came during grease trap service. I’ve experienced that first hand and attest to the gut-churning quality of some grease-pumping jobs.

But Duane said one of the toughest jobs is lifting the full-opening rear door of his vacuum truck and scraping out the stubborn carwash grit every now and then. The mess plain stinks, he said.

“The guys all line up to get in on that job,’’ Barth joked. They’re more likely to scurry to another task when Duane asks for a volunteer.

That got me to wondering, what’s the most scent-sational job you have to tackle? Share your answers below.

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