I Will Run 200 Hundred Miles…

Props to this Minnesota portable restroom crew!
I Will Run 200 Hundred Miles…
Thanks to On Site Sanitation crews for their help with the 200-mile relay race I participated in. Shown with a Satellite Tufway unit.

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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in a 12-person relay race that spanned 200 miles from Winona, Minn., to Minneapolis. Yes, we are all still sane. 

Here’s the premise: RAGNAR is an overnight running relay race. A team of 12 runners — some know each other, some just find random runners to join a team — get together to run 200 miles. Each team member runs three legs that span 12 to 20 miles. We also lived in a 15-passenger van for 35 hours during the race. The experience truly tests your limits on various levels — teamwork, running, sanity.

I can say I’ve never appreciated a portable restroom as much as I did this weekend. Not only the availability of the units at each of our stops when we exchanged runners, but also the awesome service provided by a local restroom operator. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., On Site Sanitation graced the cover of July PRO (Take a peek here!). Although I never saw crews servicing the restrooms during my stops — they’re just that good — the company clearly understands how to handle a huge event like this. On Site’s colorful, easy-to-spot Satellite Tufway units were clean, smelled fresh and were located in easily accessible areas for race participants. 

Along with the memories made, friendships formed and sore muscles gained, I also learned first-hand just how hard you work to manage special events.   

I want to say “nice job” to the On Site crew for their hard work in keeping the restrooms along the 200-mile route clean and smelling fresh. It was much needed at 3 a.m. after running 12 miles and going on three hours of sleep!


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