Is This a Portable Toilet Theft? Or Just Relocation?

When push comes to shove, this portable toilet thief knows how to get what he wants. Kind of.

Portable restrooms are sure getting their time in the spotlight these days. In another peculiar turn of events, a video of a driver allegedly stealing, er, pushing, a portable toilet with his car across the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, home of the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego State University Aztecs, has gone viral.

So many questions. So few answers.

ABC News affiliate KGTV hunted down photographer Shawn Chatfield who captured the head-scratching footage on his phone:


Chatfield says he thought the whole thing was an accident, and that the guy just ran into the toilet by mistake. (I hate when I accidently hit portable toilets and creepily shove them around parking lots!)

All of the stadium’s portable restrooms are accounted for, which makes you wonder even more what the heck this guy was doing. The 40-second phone footage doesn’t show him actually taking the toilet off the premises, but Chatfield says he did it for 20 minutes. Maybe he was getting ready to tailgate?

If this doesn’t leave you scratching your head, then watch it again because this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The ironic part? Chatfield shoots YouTube videos for a living, planning and editing hours of footage. And then he just happens to stumble upon this gem and it takes the Internet by storm.

All I can say is that this gives a whole new meaning to the term “portable” restroom.


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