Restroom Moving Mishap

Have you ever moved a restroom with an occupant trapped inside?
Restroom Moving Mishap
Do you check for occupants before moving a restroom? It's probably a good idea!

In a recent post by BBC News, it was reported that a festivalgoer in Cornwall, England, received a free ride she wasn’t expecting when the portable restroom she occupied was picked up on a forklift and moved across the festival grounds.

The woman was a little shocked, and I imagine a little nervous during her journey, but was unharmed in the incident.

The director of the restroom company said it was an easy mistake to make because the forklift drivers were coming from a back entrance to pick up and move the restrooms. “It does happen quite a bit, to be honest – I’ve done it a few times,” he told the publication.

The incident makes for a good story and is harmless enough, but probably shouldn’t happen “quite a bit.” While it takes a little time, it couldn’t hurt to do a quick scan or knock on some doors before moving restrooms if they may be in use.  

Have you ever picked up an occupied restroom, or had any other similar mishap? Comment below or email your story to

Source: BBC News


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