Stocking One Restroom Model Streamlines Operations

These PROs adhere to the convenient practice of sticking to one tried-and-true restroom company for their inventory
Stocking One Restroom Model Streamlines Operations
Gotta Go Services’ employees Carla Wilson, left, and Brandon Wilson work together to clean portable restrooms at a job site near Pineville, Louisiana.

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When it comes to restroom inventory, Wade and DeLaine Bernard say it’s simpler to stick with one brand and model for convenience. The owners of Gotta Go Services, in Pineville, Louisiana, offer the Integra from PolyPortables. The Bernards launched the business in 2007 and they currently have 350 Integra restrooms.

By having just one model it’s easy to develop a routine for setting up, servicing and repair, whether it’s handled by an employee or DeLaine, who coordinates day-to-day operation of the business.

The portable restrooms are sturdy enough that they don’t usually require staking, though some customers in windy areas push rods through slots in the base of the restroom and into the ground for added support. To meet requirements from many of their customers, most units have hand sanitizers. Some customers also require hand-wash stations on occasion, and the company provides PolyPortables Tag Along models.

For example, a typical order from Cleco Corp., an electrical power plant, might be 10 units and three hand-wash stations, set up in an area offering easy access to vacuum trucks for service. The number of people using them requires daily servicing.

DeLaine trains employees and goes through the servicing process – removing bathroom tissue, spraying cleaner on the walls, hosing the restroom down, pumping the holding tank, adding water, then replacing the tissue and deodorizers, and finally signing the service record on the door.

During the summer, heat is a big issue in Louisiana, so deodorizers are kept more concentrated for odor control. The company uses J & J Chemical Co.’s Truex Elite Liquid for odor control; it also uses J & J Art Blaster for graffiti removal.

“We also put the Air Works discs (PolyPortables) in the vent so when the door is opened or when the wind blows it adds fragrance,” DeLaine says, of the mulberry-scented felt discs. Customers have commented positively about them, and they are changed weekly. She also equips employees with common household products such as Fabuloso cleaner to disinfect and leave a fresh aroma and CLR calcium, lime and rust remover to clean the urinals.

Besides making it easy to develop an efficient cleaning routine, having just one model simplifies the number of replacement parts they need to keep on hand. Minor repairs such as riveting a hand sanitizer dispenser can be done at the work site. More serious problems, such as replacing urinals destroyed by fireworks, are taken back to the shop for repair. That happened one Fourth of July, and Gotta Go delivered a replacement restroom when they went to pick up the damaged one.

The majority of Gotta Go Services' business is for construction customers, so the standard model works well. But they are just as useful for other customers, Wade notes.

“We keep some of the new ones for special events like weddings and weekend events,” he says.

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