"Restroom Marketing 2.0" - Arkansas Portable Toilets - June 2014 PROfile

As his company grows organically and through acquisitions, Scott Thone embraces new ways to create a memorable and universal brand identity.

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It’s not unusual for contractors to view websites and social media as nothing more than expensive business window dressing – about as beneficial as putting gold-plated rims on a 20-year old vacuum truck. Sure, it looks a little nicer, but it’s still an old pump truck that runs the same as it always did. So why bother?

Scott Thone, the president and co-owner of Portable Sanitation Inc. (dba Arkansas Portable Toilets) in North Little Rock, Ark., prefers a different take: If your competitors use websites and social media to market and brand their companies, you’d better dive into the digital age quickly, lest you get left behind. And even if your competitors aren’t digital-savvy, your customers most likely are – and they expect you to be, too.

Just as importantly, digital marketing can improve restroom operators’ professional image, as well as offer customers conveniences that provide a competitive advantage. And in an age where getting noticed is increasingly difficult amid the marketing din, that’s invaluable. And it may not be as difficult – or as expensive – as you think.

Thone, 42, and his partner, Bubba Wood, who is the company’s vice-president, have fully immersed their company in digital media. One prominent new advancement? The company’s website features “scaling,” which makes it easier to view on smartphones and tablets. Plus, a new app for those devices allows contractors to link to the company website with the touch of a finger, then order restrooms online, the same way consumers order goods from e-tailers like Amazon.com.

“It gives construction contractors who work out of their pickup trucks a new level of convenience … that takes them right to our website, where they can order restrooms from their mobile devices,” Thone says. “It also helps us create a professional corporate image.”

Video sponsored by Hino Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.

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