A chase ensues, and these police officers are caught on tape in a stinky situation.

Footage of police officers on the hunt for a suspect has taken social media and news outlets by storm. Four Memphis, Tenn., officers are shown knocking over a portable restroom after the suspect locks himself inside to hide on a construction job site. Yuck!

According to this report on WMCActionNews5.com, the Facebook video has gone viral, and you can hear the person who recorded the incriminating footage clearly doesn’t like the officers’ foul-smelling antics: 

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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Not only did the actions of the police officers make a mess, they also spilled waste on the ground and exposed the suspect to potentially dangerous bacteria.

Adding insult, er, injury to injury, one police officer also kicked the suspect as he tumbled out of the knocked-over restroom, which further complicates the stinky situation. I can see this easily snowballing into another controversial debate about an officer violating the public’s trust by assaulting a suspect.

Reports claim the officers in the video have since been relieved of duty with pay pending an investigation into the incident by the Memphis Police Department.

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The suspect who sought refuge in the portable toilet has been charged with evading arrest and criminal trespassing.

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