Beware! Stolen Portable Toilets Shipped Worldwide

A portable restroom operator blames professional thieves for missing toilets

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A portable sanitation business in the United Kingdom fears professional thieves are behind a string of missing portable toilets. James Stamp Rental and Portable Building Solutions company has seen three portable restrooms go missing over the last few weeks. The company’s restrooms have been stolen from various sites, including farming areas and construction jobs. 

In an article on, business owner James Stamp says he believes the pilfered portable toilets are being shipped around the world. “There’s a good chance that it’s gone either to Eastern Europe or Africa,” he said in the article.

The company supplies distinctive gray and pink portable toilets, which should make it easier for police to trace, said the article. 

And in an ironic twist, the company also supplies security containers to farms and other businesses to keep properties safe from thieves. 

Of course, if you have an issue with missing portable restrooms, you could prevent theft by placing a technician on guard at each of your jobs sites, but that’s not feasible. Another option? If possible, keep portable toilets in fenced areas on work sites.  

Many PROs might consider it cost prohibitive, but insuring your portable restroom inventory for theft is also an option. Portable restrooms and other business-related equipment can be insured on the off chance — no matter how unlikely — units are stolen.   

Do you insure your portable toilets? Have you had a problem with stolen restrooms? If so, what have you done to prevent theft? Post a comment below or email


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