A Big Mission for a Big Industry

PolyJohn GM asserts PSAI membership worth every penny

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A Big Mission for a Big Industry

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The portable sanitation industry is big. Worldwide, it has developed into a $2 billion a year business that uses 3 million portable restrooms serviced by a fleet of 10,000 trucks. And in terms of health and safety, the industry plays a significant role in assisting communities with lifesaving sanitation needs. 

It makes sense that an industry this size would require the support of a trade association with global influence. Since 1971, the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) has served as the industry authority, carrying out its mission to expand and improve facilities worldwide. 

General Manager of PolyJohn Canada Jake Groen has been attending PSAI trade shows since 1990 and today sits on the board of directors. As the first international supplier to be elected to the board, Groen proudly points to the fact that he is the ‘I’ in PSAI. 

“Because of our PSAI membership, PolyJohn has been able to stay up to date with industry regulations. It’s also been a great way to network,” he says. “We have opportunities to learn from others, as well as share what we know and what we’ve learned over the years.” 

According to Groen, the board of directors has several strategic goals planned for 2014. He’s particularly excited about a new education initiative that includes spotlighting PSAI’s humanitarian outreach in other countries. 

Groen points to the association’s assistance after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti left more than 1.5 million people without homes. The earthquake also heavily damaged what little sanitation infrastructure existed.

PSAI was able to call on local members to step in with portable sanitation supplies to help fight the spread of disease. “It’s important that the world recognizes how necessary the industry is and how it can impact the environment – not to mention people’s lives.” 

Membership outreach is also part of the board’s 2014 agenda. Groen says this will be accomplished primarily through email blasts and word-of-mouth marketing. To learn more about joining this global network of industry professionals, visit PSAI.org. It’s a big industry, but PSAI has the resources to make an even bigger difference in the world. 

Mike Adams
Managing Director
PolyJohn Enterprises


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