VIS-Polish System Gives Aluminum Rims a Mirror Finish

VIS-Polish System Gives Aluminum Rims a Mirror Finish
Steve Stone, left, a regional support technician with Vehicle Inspection Systems, demonstrates the VIS-Polish automated polishing system for a WWETT Show attendee. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Service trucks are your livelihood. They need to be properly maintained for driver safety, and kept looking sharp for both employee pride and the positive projection of your business in the community. VIS-Polish aims to help accomplish that.

VIS-Polish, demonstrated by Vehicle Inspection Systems on the floor of the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, is a robotic wheel-polishing system that restores the appearance of aluminum truck rims. According to a company spokesperson, it can quickly refurbish road-weary wheels to reveal any hidden damage before a wheel breaks.

“Oxidation can eat through a dirty wheel or camouflage cracks without the driver even knowing,” says Lauren Del Brocco, marketing manager with Vehicle Inspection Systems.

“Not only does keeping the wheels clean make the rig look nicer, it adds life to the wheels and allows the driver to keep a closer eye on their condition.”


The system is available for 19.5-, 22.5- and 24.5-inch aluminum wheels, including super singles and wide-base steer. Its automatic, enclosed process contains the dirt, dust and noise of aluminum wheel polishing in a sturdy work cell, isolating the aluminum and polishing dust from the operator. Even the most soiled and oxidized wheels are typically fully clean after the maximum 45-minute polishing cycle, according to Del Brocco. For fleet operators and truck dealers, the system boosts fleet pride while enhancing vehicle safety and ensuring maximum vehicle resale value.

“The system is so much faster and safer than polishing wheels by hand,” says Del Brocco. “All you have to do is put the wheel in and press a few buttons, and you’re good to go.”

The system’s computer automation means it’s faster than manual polishing and never has to take a break. The computer is programmed to apply a set amount of polishing motion and pressure to each wheel, ensuring all wheels come out looking similar. The automation also allows technicians to multitask to reduce maintenance labor costs, as the unit requires very little attention during operating cycles, Del Brocco says.

While the 2016 WWETT Show was the first as an exhibitor for Vehicle Inspection Systems, Del Brocco feels the attendees are the target market for the polishing system.

“The majority of the attendees at this show own multiple trucks running aluminum wheels, whether they are from the septic pumping or portable restroom industry, hydroexcavation, or sewer cleaning,” says Del Brocco. “This is a great product for both the dealers that are selling those guys their trucks and the operators that have multiple trucks in their fleet and are concerned about both the safety and appearance of their units.”


Del Brocco says the biggest goal coming into the WWETT Show was to introduce the product line to the water and wastewater industry. She was enthused by the feedback received on all displayed products, but especially by the VIS-Polish, which was demonstrated on the show floor.

“We’ve gotten a ton of great comments, and a lot of good leads,” she says. “This is a big show; probably a much larger show than we’re used to, but that is good. I feel we’re making great inroads into this industry.”

Del Brocco says the company is prepared for the 2017 WWETT Show. “Being here and talking to the attendees at WWETT tells me that we are perhaps an even better fit for this show and this industry than we had originally anticipated,” she says. “So many of these guys are running large fleets, and there is a lot of pride in not only making sure those fleets are safe, but that they look good.” 866/847-8721;


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