We Value Your Knowledge and Want to Pass It Along

Our mission is to tell your stories, encourage industry networking and promote professionalism. You can help us accomplish that.

The portable sanitation industry is dynamic and ever changing. Small companies can grow quickly. Manufacturers push the limits of innovation to serve their customers. Competition flourishes and pushes every PRO to work smarter.

Your job is to respond to the growing demands of a general public that now expects to find relief stations placed conveniently on construction sites, at special events, and wherever crowds gather. Our job at PRO is to keep pace with an industry that is maturing at a fast pace, bringing news you can use once a month in the mailbox and daily in an online format at www.promonthly.com.

We’re here to help you with your mission. And I’m asking you to help us with ours.

Well into our second decade of publishing the magazine, we’ve continued with a number of popular monthly feature stories, most notably our Contractor PROfile, On Location and Take 5 packages that highlight interesting PROs. We look for a wide range of contractors to feature, from seasoned industry veterans to younger contractors just starting out.

We’ve featured well over 300 restroom contractors over the years, covering the histories of their family businesses and following them to photograph their crews working events across North America. We’ve been to music festivals, air shows, state fairs, football stadiums … and last month we even highlighted a Minnesota company that had the honor of working the Super Bowl.

It’s been great fun for me and our writers and photographers to get to know the hardworking folks who provide these vital portable sanitation services. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking to a father-and-son team who operate one truck and have an inventory of 150 restrooms or the CEO of a large regional or national company. We learn from their valuable business insights and pass the advice along to you. We will certainly continue to publish these major features and hope PROs continue to be receptive to sharing their success stories.

We also publish a Product Focus story, as well as a handy Buyer’s Guide once a year (which appeared in the June issue). These features provide you with information on the latest innovations from portable sanitation industry manufacturers and connect you with the professionals who can help you determine which products will help you grow and work more efficiently. 


We’d like to bolster our coverage with more content to help bring PROs together to share information and network as a group. That’s where you come in.

We often hear from readers who say they look forward to receiving the magazine every month and enjoy learning about the companies we feature. In fact, readers have told me they like to pass each issue around to the crew before filing it in a bookcase for reference later. (Thank you, by the way, to all the PROs who regularly read the magazine). I always follow that feedback by inviting PROs to get more involved with us. As I like to say, this magazine is yours. It wouldn’t exist without you.

So how do you contribute to the editorial content? Contact me and offer your opinions, give a story suggestion or share your own advice in response to an article you read. If you drop me an email at editor@promonthly.com, I promise to respond.

One of the obvious ways to help out is to suggest a company for a PROfile or Take 5 feature. That could be your company or another deserving restroom business you know about. Maybe there’s someone in the industry who you think should be recognized for many years of professional service to his or her community. Maybe you know about a PRO or a multigenerational company we haven’t featured yet and you think we should. I follow up every PROfile suggestion shared with me.

Or how about suggesting an event for our On Location feature? The summer/fall event season has a long way to go, and we are always looking for new and interesting venues to visit. And you may have never considered this: We know that many event organizers (your customers) are ecstatic to see their celebration promoted in a national magazine, sometimes even landing on the cover. Give us a call before your premier event of the season, and we’ll see if we can send a photographer.

Here are a few more ways I invite you to become more involved:

Let’s talk trucks: We run an occasional feature called PRO Rides, where we display and talk about a contractor’s new or refurbished vacuum service truck. I’d like to build on this feature, maybe even bringing it to the status of our popular Classy Truck feature in Pumper magazine. Send me a photo of your favorite restroom truck and we’ll publish it along with a story. If we get enough of them, we can run an annual PRO Rides Truck of the Year contest like we do in Pumper.

I’d also like to develop a new vacuum truck advice column for PRO. For years, the late Robert Carlson wrote about trucks, but to return a column like that, we need to identify experts willing to answer technical truck questions. We also need readers to send questions and suggest topics they’d like to see explored in a truck column. If you’d share your expertise or have questions you’d like answered, please contact me.

Getting to know you: Sometimes we delve into human-interest topics in our PROfile stories, and they typically generate positive feedback. Readers have a genuine interest in fellow PROs, beyond learning about their business practices. Do you have an interesting hobby you’d like to share with the rest of us? For example, I am restoring an old car, I volunteer for a dog rescue organization, and I serve on my local county board. Most folks have an interesting story to tell.

Or maybe you or members of your family are working on a charitable cause that you would like to tell others about? Maybe you run foot races to raise money to support medical research. Perhaps you belong to a civic organization that helps your hometown. Whatever the cause, let us know about it and we might write a story about your efforts and your community.

Just for fun: A few years ago we started a feature called Where’s the Restroom? We ask readers to send in a photo of one of their units set up in a mystery location, and then we give clues to the location. Then readers figure out the location and send in their answers. This has been popular, and we’ve awarded a prize for the correct answer each time. To keep this fun feature going, we need readers to send us photos. If we run your photo, we will send you a T-shirt from one of the COLE Publishing magazines.


There’s nothing more rewarding to a trade publication journalist than making another new connection with a member of the industry. I appreciate the passion you all have for portable sanitation and the lessons I learn from each of you. My goal every month is to pass along as much of that expertise and knowledge as I can through the magazine. Let’s keep it going. 


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