5 Show-Stopping Portable Restroom Rigs

Tanks are shinier, restroom carriers are more rugged and vacuum trucks include more bells and whistles. Check out these top-notch portable sanitation route runners.
5 Show-Stopping Portable Restroom Rigs

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We’ve featured your portable restroom rigs on the pages of PRO for almost 10 years. Here’s a look back at some of the most eye-catching route runners. 

PRO Rides reports regularly on innovative service rigs that help contractors operate more efficiently, satisfy customers’ needs and earn more profit.

From classy two-tone paint schemes and simple graphics to classy chrome and attention-grabbing accessories, dependable vacuum trucks and portable restroom service rigs are must-haves for business success. 

Attention-grabbing truck graphics on portable sanitation route runners have evolved over the years, and rigs are stocked with more cutting-edge technology and equipment to make contractors even more efficient. Tanks are shinier, restroom carriers are more rugged and vacuum trucks include more bells and whistles. 

Many of these rigs have probably been stocked with new tools, received overhauled graphics or have been completely replaced since they were featured. Nonetheless, here’s a selection of PRO Rides that have beautified the pages of PRO

Here's a look at some of the latest tanks and trucks in the portable restroom world:

  • The all-in-one rectangular vacuum waste tank from Crescent Tank Mfg., in sizes from 100 to 2,000 gallons, features a low-profile design with low center of gravity for hauling portable restrooms, additional water tanks and any other equipment needed for the job.
  • The PMT980 portable restroom service unit from Imperial Industries is a steel two-compartment tank, with a 680-gallon waste and 300-gallon freshwater capacity.
  • A portable sanitation unit from Mid-State Tank includes a 1,500-gallon stainless steel tank with 1,100-gallon waste and 400-gallon freshwater compartments installed on a 2011 Ford F-750 chassis.
  • The Flat Vac from Amthor International is a versatile multipurpose portable restroom tank truck. The design allows the operator to carry up to 12 restrooms on top of the tank, as well as to pull a restroom delivery trailer.
  • Vacuum trucks from Best Enterprises are built on a 2014 Kenworth chassis and use a 4,000-gallon stainless steel tank. Features include a 6-inch dump valve with heated collar; two stainless steel toolboxes; a 20-inch stainless steel manway and more.
  • The Model 258 from Hino Motor Sales U.S.A. is well suited for portable restroom service. Its smaller tire size gives it a low-profile platform for easy cargo load/unload.
  • The Princess II from Keith Huber Corporation is an easy-to-operate unit equipped with a high cfm vacuum pump, rear restroom carrier and four water-resistant cabinets with more than 30 cubic feet of storage space.
  • The LC 1500 from Ledwell is available in 900-, 1,500-, 1,750- or 2,000-gallon models, in carbon or stainless steel construction. It features an interior-coated freshwater tank, a 20-inch manway freshwater compartment and more.
  • The newest vacuum truck from Pik Rite Inc. features internal plumbing for a clean look, a 20-inch rear manway with discharge valve and camlock fittings, a vacuum pump and more.
  • HANCO portable restroom service trucks from Southwest Products can be customized in a variety of sizes and configurations, and include dual-side service, custom lighting, restroom carriers and dual-compartment freshwater/waste tanks.
  • Among Vacuum Sales products are portable restroom service trucks. They feature rotary vane pump options that include models from Presvac, Fruitand, CVS and Jurop.

Do you have a truck that’s a real head-turner on the highway? We want to see it. Take a digital photo of your PRO Ride, posing the owner(s) with the truck. Any portable sanitation industry truck is acceptable.

Email editor@promonthly.com the photo, your name, company name, mailing address, phone number and details about the truck including tank size, cab/chassis information, pump information, the name of the company that built the truck, and any other details you consider important.

What truck features help make your work life more efficient and profitable? Post a comment below!


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