How to Deal With Waste Transfer Site Bottleneck

A reliable tank and pump combo is critical to scheduling at Texas Waste Co.
How to Deal With Waste Transfer Site Bottleneck
Texas Waste Co. technician Charles Richey returns the Moro vacuum pump to the Hino after pumping out restrooms.

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Long lines to dump at two local waste disposal sites continue to dog Texas Waste Co., a growing portable restroom operation located in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston. For company president and operations manager Jason Kelley, the best tool to deal with the situation is a truck known affectionately as “the Old Hino” — a 2013 Hino with a 2,000-gallon aluminum tank built by FlowMark and a pump from Moro USA.

The company was acquired two years ago by Travis Vargo and Douglas McReaken, who quickly upgraded the pumping fleet. However, the area’s two waste transfer sites are located about 30 miles away: one in Galveston to the southeast and a second operated by the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority in Pasadena, just east of Houston.

“The hours aren’t exceptionally generous and often when our trucks arrive, they face long line-ups,” says Kelley. “We dump twice on Monday and daily the rest of the week.”

The Hino’s tank is rated 1,500 gallons waste/500 gallons freshwater. To reduce the strain on personnel and pumping equipment, operators routinely transfer the waste from the smaller tanks to the Hino.

“Our whole schedule is built around avoiding bottlenecks at the waste transfer sites,” says Kelley. “When we connect the hose to the outlet valve on the other tank, the Moro pump has operated flawlessly, no matter what we throw at it. It’s under constant use and has been a really good system for us.”

Kelley currently has his eye on a 4,000-gallon straight waste tank to perform all of the company’s waste runs as the business continues to grow.

“If we hook another Moro pump onto that tank, I believe we’ll have ourselves a winner,” says Kelley.

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