Restroom Reports: Nov. 9, 2017

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Nov. 9, 2017

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Carlsbad, California, is another city striving to find a solution for both the hepatitis outbreak and the ongoing issue of improving sanitation for the homeless population. The city is going ahead with a familiar short-term solution: placing portable restrooms and hand-wash stations in areas frequented by the homeless.

Another pricey Portland Loo was installed in San Antonio recently, near a popular park. It’s the second stand-alone restroom of its kind in the city, and both have generated comments regarding the cost. The city spent $97,000 on each of these restrooms, but officials say less money is now being spent to clean up human excrement in the downtown area.

Honey Bucket, a portable sanitation company in Portland, Oregon, was fined $90,000 for illegal dumping into a city sewer. The company had a permit to dump waste, but after a pump station came near to overflowing, the city investigated and found Honey Bucket had cut a hole in the screen that filters debris out of the discharged wastewater. Honey Bucket claims it sorts out other debris and the hole was for larger feces to pass through. The company says they always comply with regulations and are appealing the fine.

A grass-roots group in Jackson Township, New Jersey, had its request to add an ordinance prohibiting portable restroom use ignored by the town. The group, Jackson Strong, has been vocal against the township’s growing Orthodox Jewish population, and it complained about a handful of portable toilets that were placed in the backyards of several homes. The group acknowledged restrooms might be needed for parties or during construction or renovation projects, so the protest sounds pretty unfounded.

Police responded to a call regarding possible arson near Fox Hill West Park in Yorkville, Illinois. Someone set a portable restroom on fire again.

This isn’t technically news, but it had to be included. Do people steal toilet paper from your units? Here’s an interesting, albeit expensive, solution: dispensers with facial recognition technology. The restrooms in Temple Haven Park in Beijing, China, were outfitted with these bad boys, which cost upward of $700. The dispensers activate when a user stares into them for three seconds and dispenses exactly 2 feet of paper. It'll only release paper every nine minutes, so use it wisely.

This maybe goes without saying, but if a customer ever tells you she got pregnant from using your portable restroom, it’s probably fake news.

This restroom isn’t very portable, but it’s not plumbed so it counts. These guys built an outhouse, and it’s pretty cool. 


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