Restroom Reports: Dec. 14, 2017

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Dec. 14, 2017

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A man and woman were recently charged with arson and criminal mischief after setting a portable restroom and a power pole ablaze in Mobile, Alabama. No word on the couple’s motive, but stupidity could have been a contributing factor.

Apparently Americans aren’t the only ones setting portable restrooms on fire. Someone in the U.K. recently did the same. The firefighters weren’t pleased to have to deal with the “quite smelly” fire, but only spent about 10 minutes putting it out.

Usually locks can be counted on for protection, but one unlucky criminal found out the hard way that they can also get you busted. This man stole about $1,000 from a bank and led police on a chase from Revere, Massachusetts, to downtown Boston, where he then fled on foot. They caught up with him in a parking lot in which they saw a row of restrooms with just one locked; the red indicator gave him away.

The Victorian houses across from Alamo Square Park in San Francisco are iconic. You’ll likely never own one, but now you can use the bathroom in one. Well, sort of. The newest Pit Stop public toilet is an homage to the Painted Ladies. Pit Stop is an improvement program that is part of San Francisco’s Public Works department and works to provide restrooms, bins for needles and dog waste bags across various parts of the city.

Brayden Matthews needed a bathroom for his construction site, but his mom couldn’t find him one that was small enough to fit properly on site. Brayden, 6, has autism, loves portable restrooms, and really wanted one for his Legos. The operations manager at Halco Portables in Welland, Ontario, stepped in to help Brayden out, providing a miniature portable restroom bank that’s sure to keep all Brayden’s Lego laborers safe and sanitary. Read the heartwarming story here.

What if your restrooms were not only portable, but were also self-sufficient, pathogen-free waste-to-energy conversion machines that treated both solid and liquid waste on site? That’s maybe not far off. Scientists at RTI International and Duke University have been developing just such a toilet, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read more about the project and its applications here.

Encinitas City, California, voted to continue its portable toilet program as part of the effort to combat the outbreak of hepatitis A in San Diego County. Making restrooms available to the homeless population has been an important part of this effort. A little farther up the coast, Oakland is following suit, installing portable restrooms and hand-wash stations.


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