Restroom Reports: Jan. 8, 2017

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Jan. 8, 2017

Long before Amazon’s parodied coverage of this year’s Rose Parade featuring Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon went down the toilet, one contractor had the massive challenge of placing 1,100 portable restrooms along the parade route. The goal is always to have restroom access every half a block of the parade route. The locations are listed on a 20-page spreadsheet and plotted on a 4-foot map. Read more about the job here.

A portable restroom in Downers Grove, Illinois, had no ties to World War II or the Soviet Union, yet it became the unlikely target of a makeshift Molotov cocktail shortly before Christmas. The restroom had been placed in the driveway of a home to serve a construction crew working on a remodeling project. Thankfully, no one was in the unit when the improvised attack took place. Police were called to investigate but haven’t been able to track down the alleged assailant.

Restrooms can make a huge difference to the quality of people’s lives. The city of Duluth, Minnesota, worked with members of the Duluth Homeless Bill of Rights Coalition to install six portable restrooms throughout the downtown area to ensure homeless people can have legal access to bathrooms throughout the winter months.

Some people overreact when they are refused access to a bathroom. Some people completely lose their minds. Jury selection has begun in San Francisco for the trial of a woman and man charged with fatally stabbing a construction worker in June 2016 after she wouldn’t let the pair use a portable restroom on her work site. Prosecutors for this case say the two were also involved in a similar incident in May 2016, in which they allegedly stabbed a man in a parking lot after he too refused to let them use a portable restroom on the site. That victim was seriously injured but survived.

First it was Sharknadoes. Now, a shark park. Carolina Beach, North Carolina, a small town near Wilmington, endures a constant struggle to keep portable toilets at its park free of vandalism, unwanted debris and…sharks. Park visitors have been cutting holes in them, tearing off hinges, removing latches, and throwing things in the tank that definitely shouldn’t be there. The clogged tanks have caused pump problems for service technicians. The list of items found in the tanks, including dead sharks, crabs and other ocean creatures, totals an estimated 250 gallons of material per day on the weekends.

Jessie Zimmer, the man who suffered severe head trauma in November 2017 on a new construction site in Durham, North Carolina, when a large metal beam fell on the portable restroom he was in, is no longer in a coma but is still fighting to recover. His brother reports on his condition in this story.  


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