Restroom Reports: May 2018

Flying restrooms and firefighters to the rescue

Restroom Reports: May 2018

We’ve all been behind that car on the highway with a mattress clumsily tied to the roof, waiting for the wind to set it free. At least mattresses are soft. Flying restrooms can cause a little more damage, as was the case near Long Cove, Maine, when a portable unit came free on the highway and smashed the windshield of a Jeep. Luckily all humans involved were uninjured; the same cannot be said for the restroom or the Jeep. See photos here.

The Porta-Potty Pervert” isn’t great as far as nicknames go, but Kenneth Haluska deserves it. Haluska was charged with several misdemeanors after a small camera was found hidden behind a toilet paper holder in a portable restroom on a construction site near Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He was caught after inspection of the recording showed him on video setting up the camera. The article should have called him “the not-so-bright pervert,” but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. 

A restroom made the leap from portable to fully mobile a few weeks ago when witnesses captured video of the unoccupied unit skittering down the street in Berthoud, Colorado. Winds in the area were so strong that people were submitting “wind videos” to the local news. The restroom video was hugely popular, racking up over 4 million views on the News 9 Facebook page.

Sometimes people are absentminded and leave things behind in a portable restroom. But usually that thing is not a Glock 23 .40-caliber handgun. The father of a youth soccer player found the gun during a game at a park and playground area in Hamburg Township, Michigan. Police were contacted and took possession of the gun. The gun belongs to a man from a nearby town, and the report noted he “felt sick to his stomach” when he realized where he had left it. Details here. 

Have you ever had to rescue someone stuck in a restroom? Quite possibly. But was the “potty” stuck on his head? Mullion firefighters (in Cornwall, U.K.) were called to rescue a young boy who had gotten wedged into a portable toilet somehow and … got it stuck on his head. No details about how that went down, but thankfully he’s fine. Is it mean to wish there were photos of this? We’re confused about how this happened. 

Police in Burien, Washington, responded to calls about a shooting in Dottie Harbor Park. The suspect was found attempting to hide (where else?) in a portable restroom in the park. His stolen firearm was located in the restroom as well. 

Arson Report

Two units in Memorial Park in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, were destroyed before firefighters could put the fire out. A witness saw the suspect fleeing the scene and was able to give a description. Later a young man turned himself in to the police, and it has been reported he may have been intoxicated when he set the restrooms on fire.

Police obtained video from a construction site of a person jumping the site’s fence one night and then running away after setting a portable restroom on fire. This guy needs some hobbies.


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