7 Links to Brace Your Portable Restroom Operation for Winter

From health and safety concerns to vehicle wear and tear, winter weather brings an additional set of hazards for many portable restroom operators

7 Links to Brace Your Portable Restroom Operation for Winter

Technician Jerret Dyck sets up a Satellite Industries hand-wash station in the snowy weather.

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With a tank full of cold-weather articles featured on PROmonthly.com, we’ve sifted through them and picked out some of the best. There are safety tips, practical advice and a few success stories mixed in; enjoy these quick reads before the winter season strikes.

1. Consider Restroom Heaters and Blankets When Jack Frost Comes Calling

By regulation or user request, demand is on the rise for more comfortable units over the winter months.

2. Jimmy’s Johnnys Lived Every PRO’s Dream by Serving the NFL's Biggest Game

Working restrooms at Super Bowl LIVE meant huge crowds with great expectations, as well as frigid cold in the nation’s icebox. But the crew at Jimmy’s Johnnys loved every minute of it.

3. Stay Warm and Cozy While Cleaning More Restrooms in Frigid Temps

Heated workwear category growing in trade industries as a way to keep workers safe and increase productivity

4. Portable Restroom Company Finds Its Sweet Spot With Rural Routes

 Learn how Canada’s Go Services manages the challenges of rural oil field routes.

5. Winter Road Hazards Demand PROs Keep a Laser Focus on the Road

When you see slush, snow and ice, remember these safety techniques to bring your crews home safely at the end of the day 

6. You Better Like the Cold If You Want to Clean Restrooms at the Top of Lake Superior

Thunder Bay’s Jacky Ward of A-1 Sewage Services is happy to share her experience to help northern PROs cope with severe conditions that will come around in a few months.

7. Keep Your Service Technicians Warm With High-Tech Clothing

Rest easy knowing your portable restroom operation's employees are safe and warm this winter.


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