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Spotlight: Medium-duty service trucks designed for efficiency

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Medium-duty service trucks serve a good purpose in portable restroom fleets. In a well-designed vehicle, what they lack in overall capacity is made up for in ease of driving and efficient configuration. 

“We don’t know a lot about a lot of things, but we do know a lot about medium-duty trucks and the portable restroom business,” says Don Emerson, president of FMI Truck Sales & Service. 

FMI used that knowledge to develop their line of WorkMate portable vacuum service trucks that utilize a unique modular design and components that are built and placed specifically for the rigors of the industry. 

“The WorkMate design and layout is a very efficient and nimble,” Emerson says. “Customers that have large areas to service, or very tight operating areas like cities appreciate the tight-turning radius.” The truck is configured so drivers start the day with two units on board and still have room to pick up units while on the same route, saving additional trips to the yard for last minute pick-up calls. This is made possible by the cross-tank design, which also allows added storage compartments and organization. In total, WorkMate trucks have over 60 cubic feet of storage space. 

Buyers choose between an 850-, a 950- and a 1,050-gallon truck. In each size, the two freshwater tanks are clam shelled around the waste tank. This design ensures that even when the freshwater levels go down and the waste tank fills up, even weight distribution is always achieved — improving handling and extending brake life. All WorkMates have four-way vacuum/pressure valves and are equipped with vehicle safety features like an automatic PTO disengagement in case drivers forget to shut off the PTO before driving.  

The efficiency in layout came from firsthand research. The team at FMI spent weeks riding with technicians to understand the steps and moves they made to service units and how they spent their time at work. The result is a truck that is set up to take minimal steps to service restrooms. “All switches, hoses, buckets and controls are within reach while standing in one service position,” Emerson says. “Less steps per stop means more services per day.” 

WorkMate units are delivered ready for work. Hoses, wands, buckets and water nozzles are all part of the standard package. 800-927-8750;


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