PRO’s Attention to Detail Leads to Market Niche

Marc Provenzano of White Glove Restrooms is the master at handling a wedding disaster

PRO’s Attention to Detail Leads to Market Niche

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In 2014 Marc Provenzano spent a couple of months working for a portable restroom company delivering restroom trailers to events. One night he took a unit to a venue, then stayed and served as an attendant. He ended up dealing with circuit breaker problems a good part of the night. “They had probably 150 feet of undersized, very thin electric cord running the air conditioner,” he says. “The circuit breaker kept popping out.” He finally was able to borrow a suitably sized cord from another vendor.

He determined that kind of slip-up was never going to happen when he started his own business, White Glove Restrooms in Milford, Connecticut, a year later. “Little things like that taught me,” he says. Provenzano runs two JAG Mobile Solutions Porta-Lisa restroom trailers and exclusively serves the wedding industry. He started the business while in his late 50s but had had a long career as an entrepreneur running various businesses, so he knew how to attend to details.

For electrical, he carries thick-gauge extension cords and for water hookups he has 600 feet of commercial-grade, heavy-duty, rubber garden hoses. He tests everything. “I get the water to work. I plug everything up. I make sure the circuit breaker I’m plugged into can support the air conditioner. A lot of homeowners don’t know anything about electricity.”

Another item he carries is a pole saw. He looks at a view of the site ahead of time on Google Earth to get a general idea of what he’ll be dealing with. If anything looks dicey he’ll make a site visit. “A couple times a year I have to take a small branch down because I can’t get in,” he says. “Plus, I wax my trailers a couple times a year and I’m not going to get them scratched.”

On the client end of things, Provenzano is prepared to be educator, diplomat or counselor. “If you’re dealing with a wedding, you have an emotional client in front of you,” he says. “When it’s good, it’s great. But when it’s bad, you’ve got to play psychiatrist a little bit to calm them down.”

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