Restroom arson continues to be a problem

Police seek leads in a string of Seattle-area fires

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I’ve reported restroom arson cases in the past, notably a string of fires started in urban settings in San Francisco and the burning of a portable sanitation company’s inventory in Texas.

And now comes a string of restroom blazes in Clark County near Seattle. According to news accounts today, five restrooms placed in public places have been burned this month, and police believe the incidents are related. A $10,000 award is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects in the case.

Have you lost a restroom unit to arson in the past year or two? If so, tell us about the incident and whether authorities have tracked down the arsonist.

Vandalism of all kinds continues to be a big problem for portable sanitation companies. Some costs of removing graffiti, for instance, can be covered through damage waivers in your contracts with customers. And you can make minor repairs to units with scratches or burn holes and get them back out on a construction site. But a burned unit is a total loss.

All types of vandalism take a financial toll on your business, from the hours spent cleaning units and making repairs to the risk posed by assessing damage costs to your customers. Have you found a good solution to limiting vandalism? If so, add your comments below or send me an email at





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