Fire: 4 tips to protect your business

How have you safeguarded your portable sanitation company?
Fire: 4 tips to protect your business

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A fire that destroyed about 350 portable restrooms at a United Site Services facility in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday is under investigation, though early reports state it might have been caused by stray New Year’s Eve fireworks.

This is the second major portable restroom fire in Texas in two years.

In 2012, the Fort Worth Telegram reported a few dozen portable restrooms were destroyed in a fire at an industrial lot where they were stored. At the time, the newspaper reported that homeless people in the area had been getting onto the property through a hole in a chain-link fence. However, fire officials said even a shard of a discarded glass bottle hitting the sun just right could have started the blaze.

Arson has become a bigger concern to portable restroom operators in recent years. Would you be prepared to deal with a loss like this? And have you taken measures to prevent fires on your business property? Here are a few tips:

• Examine the security fence around your property for gaps and vandalism. If you don’t have it, consider making an investment in fencing to beef up security.

• Consider security cameras for your property. If you have them already, how old are they? Camera systems are improving all the time and coming down in cost. They can deter crime or catch bad guys after a vandalism incident.

• Check your business insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage to replace all of your equipment in the event of a fire.

• Continually evaluate your equipment needs so that if you face a major loss, you know what you’ll need to purchase to keep your business running smoothly.

Do you have other ideas to safeguard a portable sanitation business from a devastating fire? You can share your tips right here.


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