Bold Moves Mean a Better Business

Taking a risk could be a difference-maker when trying to grow your business
Bold Moves Mean a Better Business

Sometimes you need to take a little risk to get a bigger reward. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you can’t expect to see bigger and better results. But if you want to grow and make your company the best it can be, you’ll have to break from the status quo.

Here are some things to think about if you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

Bold Move #1: Be proactive when it comes to dealing with event organizers.
When you earn a bid for a special event, get better acquainted with the event and its organizers immediately. You need to be able to help the organizers determine how many restrooms they need and how often they should be pumped out and serviced. Some may be resistant to adding services they don’t think are necessary in order to save money, but pointing out that poor service reflects badly on both you and the event can help convince them.

This month’s On Location story features Throne Depot, a company that had worked an event for three years, then lost the bid for one year before regaining the event in 2015. One reason they won the contract back: they were familiar with the event.

Another key move the owners made was talking with the event organizers immediately following the festival in 2015 and suggesting changes to deal with the unexpected growth of the already sizable crowd. That was a great move, regardless of the contract status. It showed the company cares a great deal about service during the event, and it will likely keep their name at the top of the list for years to come.

Bold Move #2: Diversify your equipment to differentiate your business.
Great examples of this can be found in the cover story of the April issue of PRO, featuring Washington-based TPI Portable Toilets and Septic Tank Services. Standing out from the competition can be as simple as a distinctive color for your restrooms. TPI goes one step further by stocking a variety of colors and letting customers choose.

TPI is also notable because the military vehicles that are part of the company fleet are pretty remarkable. Two amphibious DUKW boats allow the company to service uninhabited islands in the Columbia River. That go-anywhere capability definitely earns the company jobs that others can’t handle.

But you don’t have to restore World War II-era vehicles or buy military-grade trucks to make an impact. Branching out into luxury restroom trailers may be the best next step for your business, especially if others in your area haven’t done so yet. Or think about what other rental services you can offer that go hand in hand with the services you already provide.

Bold Move #3: Revitalize your professional image.
This one comes from Editor Jim Kneiszel’s column, where he outlines five tips to increase revenue and grow your business. (Check out the rest here.) Take a look at your employee uniforms, your equipment and restrooms. Are they up to your ideal standards? It may not be feasible to do a complete overhaul of your image all at once, but do what you can to make sure you’re shown in the best light. Small steps like replacing worn truck graphics or buying new shirts for your employees show that you take pride in your work.

The way you and your employees interact with clients also has a big impact on your image. Look professional and act professional. Be pleasant, helpful, engaging — all those things that come to mind when you think of quality customer service. Cheerful and friendly employees make just as much an impact as a fancy new truck. Every step you take to show customers they are a priority will help grow your business.

Find more business-building tips in the April issue. 


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