Changing Your Service for Special Events

What, if anything, do you change about your services and products for different kinds of events?

Changing Your Service for Special Events

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All portable restroom companies have two types of service. There are the weekly routes, which encompass construction sites, parks, etc. Those locations are serviced every week on a route truck. And then there are special events. And while special events are my favorite, they are a bit of a monster.  

Special events can really be just about anything: Backyard barbecues that need one toilet; or a road race that needs 50 toilets along a 5-mile course; and last but definitely not least, a major concert that wants 500 toilets and round-the-clock attendant service. All of these would be classified as a special event, but the level of service is so different for each one. 

While all customers deserve the best service and the highest quality equipment that you can give them, you generally pick equipment based on the type of event. And you definitely want to make a smart decision when it comes to costly new equipment. Would you give a brand-new restroom trailer to a huge concert or festival? Obviously it depends on the customer, but in most cases, that equipment would be set aside for a high-end event like a wedding. 

When it comes to equipment, I believe in keeping it simple. In our case, we have two colors for all of our portable toilets: dark green Satellite Industries Tufways for events and the parks and blue Satellite Industries Tufways for construction sites. To be completely honest, having only two options in our yard is easy and leads to fewer mistakes. Some companies like to have a couple of color options so that the customer can pick. But it isn’t something we are good at, so we steer clear of it. 

We apply a similar thought process to our supplies, like deodorizer and toilet paper. In the past, we had certain rolls of toilet paper for events and certain rolls for our weekly routes. But again, choice isn’t our strength, so we went back to one type of roll across the board. To compensate for this, we keep most rolls that are still useful after an event. I have even heard of a re-roller that would allow you to take semiused rolls of toilet paper and roll them into one new roll. I would love to get my hands on one of those.

From the day I started in this industry, I have loved every aspect of special events. Yes, the organizers change their minds 10 times a day. Yes, events mean long hours and overtime. But the very nature of a special event is so exciting and fun. They keep us on our toes and constantly allow us to streamline our procedures. Through large special events and the professionals who put them together, we have become a better company.  

About the author: Alexandra Townsend is co-owner of A Royal Flush, based in Philadelphia.


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