What Odd Things Are Turning Up in Your Portable Toilets?

What Odd Things Are Turning Up in Your Portable Toilets?

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Workers have found everything from squirrels to turtles, spiders, and insects in portable toilets, whether placed there by pranksters or wandering in on their own.

Bodily Fluids

While these cabins are meant to collect bodily fluids like urine, sometimes they end up on the walls and floors alongside feces, vomit, and even blood.


In some shocking instances, workers have stumbled upon bombs left in portable toilets, leading to evacuations and safety concerns.


Common places for drug use, portable cabins often yield drug residue, needles and paraphernalia during cleaning.


In a horrifying incident, a woman in Maryland gave birth in a porta-loo and left the newborn inside, later retrieved by authorities.


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