Clean & Fresh

All-natural, portion-size deodorizers and drain treatments take the guesswork out of keeping your restrooms clean and customers happy
Clean & Fresh
Chempace Corp.

Convenient portion control and environmentally friendly formulations continue to be important features in deodorant products used by busy portable restroom operators. And manufacturers constantly step up to provide new solutions for keeping portable restrooms clean and fresh … no matter if they’re sitting in 100-degree heat on construction sites or serving families at special events.

As you look to the 2012 busy season, here are some of the latest offerings from deodorant makers to consider in your service arsenal:


Chempace Corp.

PowrX, non-formaldehyde toilet treatment from Chempace Corp. combines the performance and longevity of Con 2 Plus with the odor control properties of Bionic to form a strong concentrate for odor control in extreme conditions for up to seven days. Additives assist in breaking down waste and scale buildup in the holding tank. Available in a variety of fragrances, the non-staining, blue-dye restroom treatment is biodegradable. 800/423-5350;


Green Way Products

Turbo Series portion control restroom deodorizer from Green Way Products by PolyPortables Inc., is available in both a water soluble, self-mixing dry packet and ultra-concentrated liquid. The Turbo DriPax self-mixing deodorizer features a biodegradable paper wrap that will not stick in high humidity and provides extra protection from water damage. The moisture guard packaging of the Turbo Tubes protects against accidental activation. The bacteria-added TURBO BacPax both liquefies waste and neutralizes odor. The biodegradable, earth-friendly deodorizers are available in three strength levels. 800/241-7951;


J & J Chemical Co.

ProPaxx portion control packet non-formaldehyde deodorizer from J & J Chemical Co. is formulated for portable restrooms, buses, boats, trains, RVs, vault toilets, holding tanks, recirculating and other self-contained toilets. The blue, non-staining formula mixes with 5 gallons of water to eliminate odors, break down solids and help clean the holding tank. Packets are available in a Gold version for extreme heat and heavy traffic and Silver for moderate heat and traffic and special events. A variety of fragrances are available. 800/345-3303;


Johnny’s Choice

Orange Power washdown liquid concentrate from Johnny’s Choice cleans and leaves a fresh orange scent on portable restroom exteriors and interiors, service vehicles and other equipment. The product can be used diluted or as a concentrate. It is available in a variety of package sizes, from cases of four, 1-gallon bottles to 6-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. 888/729-6478;


Nilodor Inc.

Odor Break fragrance barrier from Nilodor Inc is made for use in portable restrooms, recreational vehicles, outdoor restrooms and charter buses. The product is designed to rest on the surface, blocking unpleasant odors caused by heavily used units and extreme weather conditions. 800/443-4321;


PolyJohn Enterprises

Cooper’s Best deodorizing packets from PolyJohn Enterprises contain environmentally friendly biological additives to clean holding tanks and liquefy waste for natural odor control. One 60-gram packet mixes with 5 gallons of water. The blue packets are available in bags of 200. 800/292-1305;



The 6-inch, odor eliminating Poly-Air activated carbon vent filter from Polylok/Zabel fits on 4- and 6-inch vent pipes. It contains 5 pounds of activated carbon that works to remove offensive odors from portable restrooms and trailers. Made for commercial as well as residential applications, the filter can be installed on existing vents. A smaller version is available to cover 3-, 2- and 1 1/2-inch pipe. 877/765-9565;



The Non-Para urinal block from Safe-T-Fresh is a safe alternative to blocks containing paradichlorobenzene as the active ingredient that have been banned in many states. The Non-Para block has a compacted hard finish for longer service and non-staining dye. The pleasant fragrance maintains its scent throughout use. 877/764-7297;


TOICO Industries

TOI-Tabs from TOICO Industries are an individually wrapped, self-dissolving, fast-acting, effervescent deodorizer. The blue, non-staining tablets are biodegradable and formaldehyde-free. The deodorizer is available in 40-, 60-, 70- and 85-gram sizes, as well as 15-gram special event tablet. Fragrances include mulberry, Fresh-N-Clean, flower power and bubblegum. 888/935-1133;



Exodor Bio-Pak from Walex Products is a natural enzyme holding tank deodorizer and waste digester. The dissolvable packets start working immediately to control odors, breaking down waste and paper. Bio-Park is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 800/338-3155;


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