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An updated inventory of standard restrooms, the latest heated sinks and TIME-SAVING accessories can ensure a profitable summer season
Back to the Basics
Allied Forward Motion LLC

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Lost time means lost opportunities during the busy summer season. Be sure your inventory of portable restrooms is in good supply and ready for service. Here are a few you might consider, along with heated sink stations and time-saving accessories and supplies.


Allied Forward Motion LLC

The Mini-Metro Mover from Allied Forward Motion LLC has a load capacity of 525 pounds. The portable, collapsible restroom mover fits on a truck, weighs 56 pounds and has four pneumatic tires, formed steel construction and black acrylic E-coat finish. 920/493-2987;


Armal Inc.

The Top Line portable restroom from Armal Inc., available in eight standard colors, features smooth walls, built-in air vents, 60-gallon waste tank with ergonomic seal and three-roll paper holder with utility shelf. The impact-resistant, one-piece floor has a non-slip surface and raised seams to prevent dirt from accumulating. Weighing 185 pounds, the unit stands 90 inches tall, 43 inches wide and 47.2 inches deep. A 7 1/2-gallon, hand-wash is available. 866/873-7796;


Chempace Corp.

PowrX, non-formaldehyde toilet treatment from Chempace Corp. combines the performance and longevity of Con 2 Plus with the odor control properties of Bionic to form a concentrate for odor control in extreme conditions for up to seven days. Additives assist in breaking down waste and scale buildup in the holding tank. Available in a variety of fragrances, the non-staining, blue-dye restroom treatment is biodegradable. 800/423-5350;


Comforts of Home Services Inc.

The emergency eye wash and shower trailer from Comforts of Home Services Inc. has a 12-foot by 8-foot, 4-inch steel frame, fold-down ramp, tandem axle, 450-gallon waste tank, one-piece aluminum seamless roof and fiberglass wall panels. Options include wash-down package, spray-in rubberized floor, exterior lighting, 400-gallon onboard freshwater tank and heaters. The trailer complies with all OSHA requirements. Additional eye wash and shower station, generators, shower, restroom, break room, office air conditioning and heat are available. 877/382-2935;


Deal Associates Inc.

The Hitch Hauler from Deal Associates Inc. enables a pickup or sport utility vehicle to carry a portable restroom. Designed for one-person loading, the hauler mounts to a Reese-style hitch receiver and does not block the tailgate, allowing for full use of the truck bed. A heavy-duty ratchet strap is included. 866/599-3325;


Explorer Trailers

The galvanized Transporter trailer from McKee Technologies Inc./Explorer Trailers features adjustable carrier slats that box-in any size restroom skid, including multiple-sized skids. Trailers range from 8 to 48 feet and accommodate up to 24 restrooms. All models include independent suspension axles to eliminate side-to-side shock transfers. A protective front wind deflector is available. 866/457-5425;


Five Peaks

The Glacier portable restroom from Five Peaks has smooth interior and exterior walls for easy cleaning. Durable yet elegant enough for special events, the restroom features integrated vents and deep, molded-in corner grab handles. Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV stabilizers, the restroom has a twin-sheet, heavy-duty door and jam with integrated hinge. Other features include 65-gallon waste tank with sloping top, hover handle, oversized mirror, two shelves, gender sign, coat/purse hook, beverage holder and three-roll tissue holder. 866/293-1502;


Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.

The Gamajet IX portable restroom cleaning system from Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. features 360-degree rotating jets to clean restrooms in less than 10 minutes without brushing or spraying. A stand is designed for cleaning the cabin with the door closed as well as a seat cover for cleaning in the holding tank with fitted suction pipes to allow for draining while cleaning. 877/426-2538;


Green Way Products

The Super Turbo Tube dosing restroom deodorant system from Green Way Products by PolyPortables Inc. comes in a 1,000 mL bottle with drip-proof, flip cap that dispenses only when squeezed. A one-second squeeze into the holding tank delivers 10 mL of deodorizer for cooler temperatures and special events. A two-second squeeze delivers 20 mL or the equivalent of the 3rd Gear Turbo Tube for high heat and heavy use applications. A three-second squeeze handles the most demanding needs. 800/241-7951;


Imperial Industries Inc.

The Imperial Tradition portable restroom from Imperial Industries Inc. features a one-piece continuous door frame with five-point integral polyethylene door hinge and 60-gallon tank. Weighing 170 pounds, the unit is available in seven standard colors and mix/match color schemes. 800/558-2945;


J & J Chemical Co.

ProPaxx portion control, non-formaldehyde deodorizer packets from J & J Chemical Co. are made for portable restrooms, buses, boats, trains, RVs, vault toilets, holding tanks, recirculating toilets and other self-contained restrooms. Designed to eliminate odors and break down solids, packets are available in Gold for extreme heat and heavy traffic and Silver for moderate heat and traffic as well as special events. One packet mixes with five gallons of water for instant deodorizing. A variety of fragrances are available. 800/345-3303;


Lock America International

Restroom padlocks from Lock America International, designed to prevent against theft and vandalism, are available in a choice of five colors to match units or indicate which restrooms are ready for service, need service or might be assigned to specific events. Easily re-keyable, locks have solids brass bodies and chrome shackles for rust prevention. 800/422-2866;


PolyJohn Enterprises

The BRAVO heated two-station sink from PolyJohn Enterprises has a 22-gallon freshwater tank with visual levels and hands-free foot pump for 1,408 pumps of water and 60-gallon graywater tank for 350 washes. Other features include 1,000-sheet paper towel capacity and two 30-fluid-ounce soap dispensers. The heated sinks meet sanitation standards for restaurants, agriculture and other industries. The 70-pound (empty) sink has built-in lift handles and siphon port for easy pump-outs. The station fits inside most portable restrooms for transportation. 800/292-1305;


PolyPortables Inc.

The Vanity hot water hand-wash station from PolyPortables Inc. has a 2.5-gallon water heater and pump that operate from a 110-volt power supply. The unit is available in an office trailer (no self-contained graywater tank) or in a special-event configuration with saddle-bag graywater tank. Built-in, recessed wheels and handholds enable the cabinet to be rolled into position and placed flush against a wall. Measuring 28 inches wide, 36 inches high and 19.5 inches deep, the unit has a 5-gallon, replaceable bottle water supply. 800/241-7951;


Porta Pro Chem. Co.

Non-toxic, non-allergenic liquids and deodorizing packets from Porta Pro Chem. Co. are free from phosphates, formaldehyde, Dichlorobenzene, enzymes and heavy metals. The deodorizer neutralizes odors by forming a non-volatile bond with the odorant, surrounding the odor in solution rather than chemically modifying it. All products are environmentally safe and biodegradable and come in full-strength and economy concentrate, as well as ready-to-use portions. A variety of fragrances are available in totes, drums or pails. 888/673-5846;


Satellite Industries

The entry-level Global portable restroom from Satellite Industries features a Dirt Buster base and open-grid floor design. Molded-in vent screens provide additional ventilation. Other features include a corner shelf, larger capacity tissue holder and large door latch that can be elbow operated to lessen the spread of germs. The door has a five-point integral hinge to eliminate sag. The unit has a 66-gallon waste tank and comes in eight colors. 800/328-3332;


T.S.F. Company Inc.

The child-friendly TJ-Shorty portable restroom from T.S.F. Company Inc. (77 inches tall, 44 inches wide and no urinal) can be decorated for children’s special events. An auxiliary step helps them reach the seat. The restroom has a 56 1/2- by 24-inch door opening, 60-gallon holding tank and 3-inch caster under the skid. 800/843-9286;


TOICO Industries

The secondary containment tray from TOICO Industries is made for portable restrooms and to assist in compliance with containment issues related to the Clean Water Act. Units rest level in the slots provided to assure safe and secure placement. 888/935-1133;


Walex Products

Porta-Pak portion control holding tank deodorizer from Walex Products is biodegradable and formaldehyde-free. Featuring a deep blue, non-staining color, the deodorizer is available in three sizes for extreme to normal climates and special events. 800/338-3155;


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