Product News - September 2013

Product News - September 2013
Amthor smartphone app

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Subaru SGX commercial generators

SGX commercial generators from Subaru Industrial Power Products are powered by a Subaru EX overhead cam engine, made of heavy-duty steel and equipped with steel fuel tanks for longevity. The generators are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified. 800/277-6246;

Navman driver behavior tracking

The OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking with driver behavior feature from Navman Wireless USA enables fleet operators to identify drivers who are compromising safety and fuel efficiency. The system offers four reports and two dashboard KPIs (key performance indicators) that pinpoint trouble spots, while allowing drilldown to a specific driver directly from the Dynamic Dashboard. 866/527-9896;

US Fleet Tracking weather overlay

The weather overlay from US Fleet Tracking, standard with the company’s live GPS tracking service, provides a comprehensive view of weather in any desired area and works with any Web-based system, including hand-held devices and smartphones. 405/749-1105;

Water Cannon pressure washer pump

The Cat 67DX series pressure washer pump from Water Cannon is an enhanced version of the 4,200-psi triplex pump. Features include an adjustable unloading bypass system, chemical soap injectors, inlet adapter with stainless steel filter washer and thermal relief overheat sensor. 800/333-9274;

Amthor smartphone app

The smartphone app from Amthor International enables users to access stock and pre-owned units, locate dealer and repair facilities, services, news, product trade-in forms, product line literature, and product, training and informational videos. The app is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Android Market. 800/328-6633;

Worksaver mini skid-steer pallet forks

Two models of pallet forks from SitePro by Worksaver, designed for mini skid-steers and compact tool carriers, feature universal mini mounts. Model MPF-900 has 1- by 3- by 31.5-inch forks mounted on a frame that is 30.5 inches wide with a rated capacity of 900 pounds. The rail-style model MPF-2000 is rated at 2,000 pounds and has Class 1 tines of 1.18 by 3 by 42 inches on a 33.25-inch wide frame. 217/324-5973;

Atlas Portable semipermanent urinal stand

The Pluto4 semipermanent urinal stand from Atlas Portable is designed for special events and lengthy periods of placement, including campsites, picnic areas and marinas. The unit can be drained into the sewer system or serviced by a portable restroom operator. Floor space is identical to most portable restrooms.

Nilodor White Clove odor control

White Clover odor control from Nilodor includes Nilium water soluble deodorizer, bio-enzymatic Urine Digester and Nilotron air freshener. The 10-product White Clover line contains strains of natural bacteria, enzymes and odor counteractant, formulated to break down and digest odor-causing organic waste. Nilium deodorizer can be used alone or in conjunction with a detergent/disinfectant. The 7-ounce Nilotron refill contains 3,000 metered releases and is blended to freshen air for up to 24 hours. 800/443-4321;


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