Trucks And Tanks

Having the proper hardware installed on a service truck can make a portable restroom operator’s job easier and more efficient. Here are some rigs and components to consider.
Trucks And Tanks
Pumping service unit

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Rectangular vacuum tank

The all-in-one rectangular vacuum waste tank from Crescent Tank Mfg., in sizes from 100 to 2,000 gallons, features a low-profile design with low center of gravity for hauling portable restrooms, additional water tanks and any other equipment needed for the job. A separate freshwater poly tank is included. 585/657-4104;

Portable restroom service unit

The PMT980 portable restroom service unit from Imperial Industries is a steel two-compartment tank, with a 680-gallon waste and 300-gallon freshwater capacity. It is available in two models: a standard truck-mounted unit with a Masport HXLV4 vacuum pump or a modular unit with a Masport HXL3V vacuum pump and 9 hp Honda gas engine. The modular unit is a self-contained unit that can be mounted on a standard chassis frame or a flatbed. The modular unit comes complete with the electrical package and is prewired and plugs into a standard chassis trailer outlet adapter. 800/558-2945;

Portable restroom tank

A portable sanitation unit from Mid-State Tank includes a 1,500-gallon stainless steel tank with 1,100-gallon waste and 400-gallon freshwater compartments installed on a 2011 Ford F-750 chassis. This unit has a 20-inch top manway with primary, hose supports, storage cabinets, workstation on both sides, restroom carrier, work lights, sight glasses for the waste compartment and sight gauge for the water compartment. Aluminum and stainless steel tanks are available. 800/722-8384;

Ground sense system

The 672C Garnet Posiground from Armstrong Equipment is a ground sense system that verifies trucks are properly grounded during fluid transfer while at a work site. Grounding is achieved by securing two clamps to grounded metal objects at least 20 feet apart. In the event a ground is lost, it has the ability to activate a horn, and after a set amount of time it can shut down the transfer of fluid until a ground is relocated. It also assists in troubleshooting in the event of a system malfunction. The spring-loaded grounding reel assists the operator to disburse and retract the ground cable and clamps to the required length. 800/699-7557;

Vacuum pump package

The Ready2Rig 250 Eliminator Series rotary vane vacuum pump system from Fruitland Manufacturing was designed with the portable sanitation service truck in mind, with low operating costs and easy installation. Every pump is factory tested, and benefits include low oil consumption, low maintenance, no temperature gauges to monitor and fan-cooled pumps. 800/663-9003;

Heated valve collar

Heated collars from L. T. & E. are designed to keep valves from freezing. Made of type 304 stainless steel, collars are available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. Connected to the cooling system, the collars circulate antifreeze and are bolted between two flanges (ANSI or TTMA bolt pattern). They include extra pipe couplings for installing the optional 110-volt heater and thermostat for freeze control when the truck is parked overnight. 800/296-8035;

Fan-cooled vacuum/pressure pump

The VK650 fan-cooled vacuum/pressure pump from Masport features an integrated inlet filter that includes a washable stainless steel filter for long filter life. It features a Posi-Lock handle for secure positioning. The pump provides 23 inches Hg continuous and 27 inches Hg intermittent vacuum and features heavy-duty bearings, Viton oil seals, a fan-cooled system for higher continuous operation, a flushing port, automatic oil pump and a vane inspection port. Its cushioned spring washer design prevents rotor-to-end cover contact created by direct PTO drive or misaligned belt-drive systems. 800/228-4510;

Liquid-cooled vacuum pump

The PM3000 liquid-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances, with a suggested tank capacity of 3,000 to 6,000 gallons. It includes an integrated check valve, changeover valve, automatic oiling system, industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals and high-flow-rate asbestos-free spark-proof vanes. Its onboard liquid cooling system incorporates a forced circulation external water pump. It is capable of 43.5 psia and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg, along with a flow rate of 1,000 cfm and 1,200 rpm rotating speed. It also features 4-inch flange connection. 800/383-6304;

Flat-tank restroom hauler

The Flat Vac from Amthor International is a versatile multipurpose portable restroom tank truck. The design allows the operator to carry up to 12 restrooms on top of the tank, as well as to pull a restroom delivery trailer. The body features a rounded bottom with a full-length formed sump design for ideal drainage and full baffles for tank strength. The flat tank has separate wastewater and freshwater compartments, as well as an option for a chemical or brine compartment. It is available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Each unit comes with a workstation and a vertical cabinet and an aluminum extruded door with numerous shelves. A liftgate is installed behind the tank to load and unload restrooms. All units are custom-built to specification. 800/328-6633;

4,000-gallon vacuum truck

Vacuum trucks from Best Enterprises are built on a 2014 Kenworth chassis and use a 4,000-gallon stainless steel tank. Features include a 6-inch dump valve with heated collar; two stainless steel toolboxes; a 20-inch stainless steel manway; a 36-inch rear stainless steel manway; strobe lights; a heated coil in the water compartment; a Moro PM110 600 cfm liquid-cooled vacuum pump; a DC10 MTH water pump with low-pressure hose reel; backup camera with 5-inch LCD display; stainless steel ladder; vane flush kit; LED DOT lights; PTO with angle-drive system; outside switch box for lights, vacuum pump and water pump; LED stop/turn taillights and sealed-bulb backup lights; heavy-duty bumper with receiver-style trailer hitch with a seven-way plug; three 5-inch sight glasses; two 3-inch suction inlets; and a 2-inch bucket dump. 800/288-2378;

Low-profile service truck

The Model 258 from Hino Motor Sales U.S.A. is well suited for portable restroom service. Its smaller tire size gives it a low-profile platform for easy cargo load/unload. It can be equipped with either hydraulic disc brakes (258LP) or air brakes (258ALP). It is powered by a Hino 8L J08 engine rated at 220 hp and 520 ft-lbs of torque. It comes standard with an Allison 2200 RDS transmission, with the 2500 RDS transmission optional for the 258ALP. Other options include a 12-volt, 180-amp brush Delco alternator and INSIGHT, Hino’s advanced telematics solution. 248/699-9300;

Easy-to-operate service truck

The Princess II from Keith Huber Corporation is an easy-to-operate unit equipped with a high cfm vacuum pump, rear restroom carrier and four water-resistant cabinets with more than 30 cubic feet of storage space. It features a 1,500-gallon tank with 1,100-gallon waste/400-gallon freshwater capacity; a pressurized water system with a 12-volt motor-driven pump that delivers 45 psi at 7 gpm; 50 feet of 1/2-inch water hose and a spring-loaded retractable hose reel; a 160 cfm vacuum pump driven by a transmission-mounted PTO that engages with a push button; a 3-inch intake, with valve; 50-foot quick disconnect hose; dual-suctions with dual water and hose reels; a four-way valve that provides control of vacuum loading and pressure discharge; and a 2-inch water tank drain with remote-mounted driver’s side valve for quick bucket fill. 800/334-8237;

Portable restroom service truck

The LC 1500 from Ledwell is available in 900-, 1,500-, 1,750- or 2,000-gallon models, in carbon or stainless steel construction. It features an interior-coated freshwater tank, a 20-inch manway freshwater compartment, self-supporting dual restroom carrier, 160 cfm direct-drive vacuum pump, a PTO-driven system, Burke DC-10 washdown system, a Hannay spring-loaded rewind hose reel, large weather-resistant locking storage cabinets, a 3-inch discharge, 50 feet of 2-inch suction hose with ball valve, press off-load capability and a 2-inch driver’s side bucket fill. 888/533-9355;

Internally plumbed vacuum truck

The newest vacuum truck from Pik Rite Inc. features internal plumbing for a clean look, a 20-inch rear manway with discharge valve and camlock fittings, a vacuum pump and right angle gearbox attached to both frame rails, a 20-inch top manway, a 4-inch liquid-filled vacuum/pressure gauge, a frame-mounted secondary trap for easy access, dual vacuum and pressure reliefs, a 12-inch low-profile primary shut-off with stainless steel float ball, and large easy-to-reach hose hooks. 800/326-9763;

Customizable service truck

HANCO portable restroom service trucks from Southwest Products can be customized in a variety of sizes and configurations, and include dual-side service, custom lighting, restroom carriers and dual-compartment freshwater/waste tanks. They are offered in traditional configurations as well as a “hot dog” design with a carbon steel waste tank that has a stainless steel internal tank, a 500-gallon freshwater tank, a Burks DC 10 water pump and retractable 50-foot hose reels. They also include a Masport water-cooled pump, bucket holders, primary and secondary shut-offs, an HID light package and 2-inch bucket fill. Waste tanks can range from 250 to 5,000 gallons. Both trailer-mounted and slide-in vacuum tanks are available. 602/269-3581;

Pumping service unit

Among Vacuum Sales products are portable restroom service trucks. They feature rotary vane pump options that include models from Presvac, Fruitand, CVS and Jurop. They are rated at 28 Hg full vacuum, with 200 to 800 cfm, and include heavy-duty tank construction, with relief at 14.5 psi. Tanks are dual compartment with baffles that electively dampen load motion and ensure driving safety on- and off-road. They are available in carbon steel, aluminum, 304 or 316 stainless steel or 316 high-polish stainless. They come in 850- to 2,000-gallon capacities. Options include transfer pumps, heated valves, custom hose trays and toolboxes. 800/547-7790;


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