Office Technology and Software, Business Management

Innovative software and communications equipment can help portable sanitation contractors operate effectively and efficiently. Here are products – including routing software, fleet-tracking programs, accounting systems and insurance providers – designed to help keep your operation organized.
Office Technology and Software, Business Management
Office Technology and Software, Business Management

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Innovative software and communications equipment can help portable sanitation contractors operate effectively and efficiently. Here are products – including routing software, fleet-tracking programs, accounting systems and insurance providers – designed to help keep your operation organized.

Routing Software

Mobile operations software

Mobile WorkForce from Point-of-Rental Systems allows the mobile worker to eliminate paper by performing tasks on site with any wireless device or laptop, and not have to be granted full access to the company server. Maintenance workers can open service contracts from the job site and scan the barcode on the unit to mark the service completed. The task is then instantly reflected in the contract, automatically noting the latitudinal-longitudinal location as well as the date-time stamp. It includes a call log feature, signature capture feature, photo captures and arrival notifications. 972/602-9819;

Mobile workforce scheduler

Retriever Scheduler from Retriever Communications allows companies to optimize their mobile workforce by improving job visibility, scheduling capabilities and fast checking of field technician availability. The customizable application provides a comprehensive view of near real-time job status and the activities required to complete a job. This allows managers to assign work to field technicians based on site proximity and current job status. Using the application, field workers can self-schedule emergency or impromptu work. With enhanced mapping, users access additional information such as on-site data and a time-stamped audit trail of activities. 281/566-2528;

Routing Android app

The RouteOptix Android App is available on most Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. It extends the program’s routing functionality, allowing information to be dispatched to drivers using real-time communications and enabling dispatchers in the office to determine status of calls and dispatch new calls on the fly. Turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps are available, and the exact GPS location can be recorded. As calls are completed, a live date and time stamp is recorded in the dispatch screen of the main application, providing production statistics for the route. Tracking of pumping volumes is available directly from the app, which also automatically updates to the main application, allowing for detailed disposal reporting. Assets can also be scanned with a device to update inventory in the field. 866/926-7849;

Tracking Hardware/Software

Equipment tracking software

Checkmate tool and equipment tracking software from Dynamic Systems features metal barcode tags that reduce the time it takes to locate equipment by assuring that items will not be lost or left behind. The software records where the item is, who has it and when it is due back. It includes a maintenance module that records repairs, schedules periodic maintenance, records warranty expiration dates, and tracks vehicle service and registration renewals. Barcode label options include preprinted polyester labels with adhesive backing, two-dimensional labels, custom labels and metal tags, which allow users to track items where the typical barcode label won’t adhere. 800/342-3999;

Route verification device

iButton technology from EZTrakR Systems Inc. verifies services on a driver’s route are completed with electronic service validation. It tracks the date and time of each service, delivery or pickup per unit. Operators quickly access customer history to verify services completed for resolving billing discrepancies. It offers reports such as inventory count, employee productivity and missed services in one program for improved customer service and accurate billing. 866/529-1938;

Asset tracking platform

The SignalTrack platform from GPS North America offers a secure Web dashboard that can be managed from any Internet-connected workstation or smart device. It is integrated with an array of GPS tracking hardware, allowing managers to monitor their fleets and the delivery, recovery and servicing of portable restrooms in real time. Managers can know the exact location of every service vehicle and restroom at all times, and antitheft capability protects against the unauthorized movement of any asset. It also generates and provides reports and alerts based on PTO sensor data. Sensors are available for pumps and tanks, and can be used to monitor and document scheduled restroom servicing. Managers can also control service fleet fuel costs with idle, speed and after-hours alerts. 888/760-4477;

Mobile barcoding system

StreetEagle Mobile Barcoding from InSight Mobile Data Inc. equips field workers with asset locations on a map and barcode technology to enable them to scan any asset to communicate activity and inventory data. Mobile workers can instantly report portable restroom location and status, manage field inventory, track and provide proof of service, view all portable restrooms on a map in real-time, and route to them in one touch from a smartphone or tablet. 301/866-1990;

GPS fleet tracking software

Manageit from Ituran USA is designed for fleet managing and dispatchers, and contains instant and accurate GPS fleet tracking, personalized reporting, recovery services, geofencing technology, real-time notifications via email/SMS, landmark report, Driver ID capabilities and PTO alerts, along with other features. The software provides customers with 24/7 year-round live recovery assistance for both emergency and technical support. 866/543-5433;

GPS tracking device

The VT310 from Meitrack USA is a GPS tracker with five discrete inputs and outputs, and two analog ports. It tracks vehicle window, door and engine status, temperature and tank fuel level, and is widely used in truck tracking applications. It features a 4 MB logger, motion sensor and backup battery. It allows technicians to track on demand or by time interval. It has a tremble sensor and alarms for SOS, geofence, GPS blind area, low-battery, speeding and external power cut. 626/448-8785;

Comprehensive fleet tracking

NexTraq comprehensive GPS fleet tracking allows fleet managers to track employees, vehicles and assets, while providing detailed fleet reports and analytics that help identify operational inefficiency. Its routing feature takes all of the scheduled locations and stops and orders them to create the shortest route, reducing travel time and fuel usage. Dispatchers can send optimized routes to a driver’s in-vehicle GPS device or the NexTraq Connect app. Tracking devices can be installed on any type of asset, in any location, so managers can check exact locations at all times. GPS and cellular-based devices are available, as well as satellite-only options, ensuring the tracking will work no matter how remote the location. They can be either battery-operated or hardwired. Fuel management software monitors and analyzes consumption with integrated fuel card reports and fuel-based alerts. 800/358-6178;

Organizational software

The PortaTracker program from Tracker Solutions provides customer information, including site and mailing address, phone number and history on one navigatable page. The calendar enables users to schedule drop-offs, pickups and service as well as view each day’s schedule by service or area. Dispatches can be added to each day’s schedule. Driver, truck number and jobs are entered from a drop-down list. A reference sheet, featuring directions, number and type of units, as well as address and phone number, can be printed out for the driver or office staff. The program also can create invoices and service reminders, and tracks credit and delinquent customers. 866/834-1551;

GPS tracking device

The AT-X5 live GPS tracking device from US Fleet Tracking is compact, discreet and easy to install. It assures turn-by-turn monitoring of mobile assets, and features 5- and 10-second tracking, historical playback and virtual fences. It comes standard with weather overlay and traffic features for safety and efficiency, plus the ability to create and edit up to 20 different logs while in the field. The Web-based system is compatible with every mobile platform. 405/749-1105;

Scheduling program

With SAFE Software, technicians with basic computer skills can enter, organize, route and schedule pumping and service for customers. It also includes invoicing, work orders, contracts, inspections, vehicle maintenance, expense tracking, customer inventory, rental tracking and alarm monitoring. Users can email documents (invoices, contracts, work orders, etc.) using Outlook or Windows Live Mail and their current email account. They can also create an online map of customers by importing them into a mapping site. The map can be saved and viewed from a smartphone or laptop with Internet access. Reminders and follow-up emails can be sent to customers, along with a personalized message. 800/604-7351;

Full-service management program

The Tank Track business management program allows users to manage customer information, track property details, upload plans, schedule appointments, assign trucks, map routes, manage reminders and generate data for reporting. Users can customize job form fields and print any page easily. The program is securely accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, and customer service is included. Optional integration with QuickBooks lets users enter customer information only once. Users can import contacts from other programs. No contract is required. 888/732-4882;

Complete operational software

Evolution software from WennSoft delivers asset management, maintenance agreements, simple and segmented work orders, field service, advanced dispatching and scheduling, mobile solutions for field technicians, quotes, purchasing and invoicing, and includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It can operate as a stand-alone solution, or integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products or other business application software and services. It accurately tracks all tools, equipment and assets to promote efficiency throughout a company. 888/936-6763;

Accounting Software

Mobile management system

The TAC (Total Activity Control) Online management system from Clear Computing is a cloud-based system that allows access from a Mac or iPad, Android Tablet or any computer connected to the Internet. Benefits include the ability to run a business from home, office, vehicle or on vacation; seasonal variation options that allow users to pay for only what they need each month; the ability for route drivers and sales force to work from the field; and the cost savings of not having to upgrade or purchase new computers, or have frequent tech support visits. It is hosted in secure, backed-up 24/7 data centers. 888/332-5327;

Business management program

FoundOPS allows business owners to keep track of all client information and service history, and create service schedules. Users can dispatch their team by dragging and dropping jobs, or let the program’s routing algorithm figure out the most efficient routes. The program can wirelessly send job information and updates to field technicians’ smartphones or tablets. Technicians can also get turn-by-turn directions, access client information and then record a service report. Meanwhile, business owners can keep tabs on their progress and GPS location. Once the job is completed, an invoice is automatically created in the company’s QuickBooks account, with all billing information already filled in. The system is securely hosted in Microsoft’s Cloud, meaning that all users need is a Mac computer or PC with Web access. 765/688-0006;

Android Service management program

Waste Management Software from Operasoft requires no onsite installation and handles all types of service requests, real-time dispatching, GPS tracking, supplier/contract management and invoicing. The Android terminal displays job lists for the drivers/operators along with comments/instructions that pop up per location. The dispatcher can track progress in real time and can view work completion on open/closed service calls on Google Earth. Users can import every available serviceable entity from various databases (including GPS coordinates) and track all maintenance that is due, has been performed and is still pending. End-of-day vehicle inspections are entered on the Android terminal before the driver parks and exits, automatically creating repair work orders for the garage as needed. 888/986-7372;

Billing management system

Summit Array software from Ritam Technologies allows users to click to view accounting charts and graphs to track for timely payments, how balances shape up, revenue received and comparisons to averages for all customers. Credit card data is stored behind a solid firewall on the secure merchant server, not in local files subject to potential theft with company liability. Customers may use multiple cards, specific to certain jobs. Customers flagged requesting auto pay have invoices automatically paid without further user action. 800/662-8471;


Contractor insurance program

The Septic Contractors Insurance Program from The Hartford provides coverage for installation, design, service, repair and pumping contractors, inspection service contractors and portable restroom rental companies. Coverage includes design and installation errors and omissions, septic inspection service errors and omissions, and extra expense coverage for unintentional handling of hazardous waste. The program includes loss control services to help minimize and lower the frequency and severity of accidents particular to the septic industry, including slips and falls, collisions and vehicle overturns, and damage to business or customer property. Direct billing is offered through a total account billing system, with affordable payment options and an XactPAY workers compensation payroll billing option to help cash flow. 800/533-7824;


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