Rugged And Ready

McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers shows off a no-frills restroom trailer designed to stand up to the abuse of industrial service.
Rugged And Ready
Ron Hipel, right, a technician for McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers, points out some of the features of the Comfort Station restroom trailer to a 2014 show attendee.

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The durable, no-frills Comfort Station restroom trailer from McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers is built for the wear and tear inherent at busy construction sites and industrial placements.

The trailer has been available for several years, but 2014 marked its first appearance on the exhibit floor at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. With heavy-duty steel construction and a roomy interior, the trailer is designed for remote locations and extreme conditions, which answers a big market need, according to Derek Potma from McKee Technologies.

“The Comfort Station is available in many different configurations and sizes, and has an all-steel exterior designed for rough elements,” Potma says. “The roof is actually a one-piece steel shell and is entirely leak-proof.”

The Comfort Station was designed with a spacious cabin to allow workers on construction sites or oil and gas fields to use the facilities without first shedding heavy clothing, tools or other gear, according to Potma.

“We wanted to design a restroom trailer that gave workers on rugged work sites the room to go in and shut the door behind them without feeling cramped,” he says. “The Comfort Station is large enough that it can be used as a changing room, too. It was designed with the need for excess space in mind.”

The washroom includes stainless steel sinks, easy-to-clean fiberglass-reinforced plastic interior wall panels and metal floors. It is equipped with a 90-gallon freshwater tank and 130-gallon waste holding tank. Loading and transport is simple using either incorporated top crane lift hooks or the bottom forklift skid. The utility closet offers service access to thermostats, water and electrical. The fully insulated and heated unit is wired for 110V electrical service and can be operated to -40 degrees F.

“The whole interior of the unit is designed so that it can be hosed down after a day of operation,” says Potma. “Everything on the inside and out in this unit is resistant to the elements.”

McKee Technologies markets the unit as a solution for construction sites, mining operations, refineries and disaster relief. To demonstrate its durability, Potma explains how a unit at a New Jersey marina weathered a hurricane.

“We didn’t know if it survived Hurricane Sandy until they sent us a photo,” says Potma. “You can see damage and devastation all around, and there in the middle was the Comfort Station intact. It had some scratches on it, but that’s about it.”

Potma says he is encouraged by the positive reception to the Comfort Station he saw at the Expo, now known as the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

“We saw a ton of interest, especially from manufacturing plants and industrial areas that were looking for something semipermanent and pretty maintenance-free,” he says. “The response was actually better than I expected. We’ll definitely bring the Comfort Station back down to the show again next year.” 866/457-5425;


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