Change Is Always Happening

PROs learn how to handle ups and downs of the business by adapting and building on their business.
Change Is Always Happening
Cory Dellenbach

A few months ago, Jim Kneiszel, who had been editor of PRO for 12 years, introduced me as the new editor. It was an honor taking over this magazine and bringing you stories, but as you know in your own line of work, change is always happening.

We’ve recently gone through some changes in the editorial department at COLE Publishing, and because of those, Jim will take back PRO starting with the January 2017 issue. I’ll be taking on our sister publication, Plumber.

A big reason for these changes is that longtime COLE staffer Ed Wodalski, who was editor of Plumber and wrote the In The Garage feature in PRO, passed away unexpectedly in late September. He will be greatly missed by all of us here. He enjoyed writing for you and giving tips on how to handle maintenance.


Change is around us all the time and we have to adapt to it, even though it can be difficult. The portable restroom operators featured in this issue definitely had to change to make their businesses succeed.

Talquin Portable Restrooms, profiled this month, started in 2002 and served many construction customers. The company’s other big client was Florida State University.

The recession in 2008 all but wiped out the construction work, forcing owner Bill Strauss to reevaluate his business and focus more on the university work. Doing those jobs, and the few construction jobs that remained, helped Talquin Portables survive. Today, the company still serves the university and has picked up some of those construction jobs again, while getting other special event jobs.


Cal-State Site Services of Simi Valley, California, went through some changes of its own. The company, profiled in On Location, started out as a general engineering and contracting business specializing in water and sewer projects. Over time owner Rick Modlin found his way into fencing and eventually into portable restrooms.

Since then, the company has bought out two other portable restroom businesses and now serves a large area around its home base. Cal-State recently serviced a local event called Wings Over Camarillo. While it’s not a huge event for the company, Modlin and his team are proud to service it because it’s a hometown event.

Without being able to change from engineering to fencing and portable restrooms, the company wouldn’t have been able to do that favor for its community.


How have you seen your company change or adapt since you started it? You can email Jim at and share your story.

It’s been fun being editor of this title for the few issues I was here for. You can think of these few issues with me as rare collector’s items now!

Enjoy this issue!


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