Activity control software helps PROs save time and costs

Activity control software helps PROs save time and costs
Activity control software helps PROs save time and costs

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Problem: Ross Odom, owner of The Potty House, a portable restroom rental company in Fayetteville, Arkansas, noticed his staff was performing repetitive, manual tasks on a regular basis, including managing inventory, printing and sending paper invoices, and entering the same data in multiple locations. These tasks were time-consuming and expensive, and it often took 30-45 days after a job to receive payment.

Solution: Odom turned to ServiceCore’s Total Activity Control (TAC) software. “Before I became a TAC user, my office staff and I were spending 12 hours a day minimum trying to do what the software allowed us to do in just five hours,” says Odom. The software helps manage inventory online, send invoices electronically for faster payment and store customer data in one location.

Result: Odom reduced the time his staff spent on repetitive tasks by 58 percent, saving seven hours of productivity daily. In addition, The Potty House is now 99 percent paperless. Odom estimates using the software increased his yearly revenue while saving hundreds of hours. His staff now handles everything electronically, freeing Odom to focus on service excellence and spending more time with his family. 844/336-0611;


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