Product Spotlight - August 2019

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A large expense PROs incur while serving special events is the transport of the dozens, if not hundreds of portable restrooms to and from the location. The collapsible and stackable P-POD by Advantage Engineering is aimed at making that process more efficient.

When the P-POD restroom is collapsed, it stands one-third the height of a traditional unit. That means companies can transport three times as many units with the same delivery equipment. The design uses a single internal bar to hold it upright. Release the bar and the P-POD folds into its compact position. At 36 inches high in its folded-down position and 160 pounds, it can fit in the box of a small pickup truck.

“It is an ingenious concept, which is what made us so interested in getting into the portable restroom field,” says Steve Hengsperger, the lead engineer at Advantage Engineering. The company manufactures the units using injection molding at its Ontario facility. “We love efficiency and innovation, and this unit was the perfect fit for those concepts.”

The P-POD’s collapsible design allows for more efficient storage. With its nesting base, PROs can stack three units in the same space as one conventional portable restroom, meaning that if a truck or trailer currently holds 10 conventional units, it can hold as many as 30 P-PODs, provided it is equipped to handle the increased load weight.

“That means the units can be easily loaded and unloaded if a company is concerned about leaving them overnight at a particular event,” Hengsperger says. “The fact that they can be collapsed and locked at night also deters vandalism.”

The units have wide door openings and a spring-assisted door hinge designed for easy opening and closing. Interchangeable and sealable waste tanks are accessible through the back of the unit for no-mess transport and clean-out. Multiple colors are available to match existing restroom inventories.

“It definitely leads to a lot of cool conversations due to its design,” Hengsperger says. “We believe this is an innovation that can really be a game-changer in the industry.” 877-737-7535;


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