Being Certifiable Helps You Compete in the Portable Sanitation Industry

Being Certifiable Helps You Compete in the Portable Sanitation Industry

Karleen Kos is executive director of the Portable Sanitation Association International. She may be reached at or 952-854-8300.

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Earlier this year, the Portable Sanitation Association International announced a set of significant upgrades to our well-established certification program. We would like you to know that:

• There are two levels of credential available: apprentice and professional.

• We have researched the critical functions performed by front-line workers and developed a new exam that tests for these competencies.

• The certification exam is available for remote testing using your computer.

• We’ve upgraded our basic training programs to help your workers learn the essentials of succeeding in a front-line role. Whether they follow the training by taking the exam or not, these courses ensure your team is ready for the challenges they will face in the field.

So the big question is this: Are the workers in your company certifiable?

Before you answer that, let’s look at why it even matters in an industry like portable sanitation. With only a couple of exceptions (Illinois and Georgia), getting your team certified isn’t required by law. Here’s why you should get them certified anyway.

1. Gain a competitive advantage. Having training and credentials that your competitors lack can set you apart when pursuing new business. You can use your team’s certified status to show customers you have invested in excellence and can, therefore, be trusted with their special event or job site. If you happen to be in a market with little competition, your worker certification status tells customers they aren’t “settling” because you are the only game in town. Certification means they are getting the best whether you have many competitors or none. Your customers don’t care about certification? They will if you show them why it matters to them: better service, safer work sites and enhanced outcomes for their job site or event.

2. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team with updated knowledge and skills. Portable-sanitation-specific certifications help provide your company with a solid foundation for its workforce. The advanced training, information and knowledge they gain from portable sanitation-specific courses can provide you with smarter, safer workers. Your team will be aware of up-to-date strategies that help in serving your customers, and they will be more able to avoid costly mistakes, injuries or damages.

3. Improve your firm’s earning potential. Most customers will understand higher costs associated with specialized training or certification. When they understand how it benefits them to hire a portable sanitation company with certified workers, they are likely to be more willing to pay higher fees. Of course, this won’t happen without your effort to sell it. Like any other product your company offers, service excellence through certified employees has to be promoted. You know how to show a customer the benefits of your other services — treat your certified staff as a service and you can use it to grow your bottom line.

4. Recognize and reward your workers. Pay is not the only way to appreciate and motivate employees. Investing in your team to become trained and certified is a great way to show them how much they matter to you. Even if they don’t take the certification exam, the ext­­ra training can only help them be better at their jobs, and offering it communicates how much you value them.

As your business evolves, be sure to plan for getting your team certified. The PSAI is here to help. We offer live web broadcasts each month, making it easier than ever to get your group trained. The certification exam is available remotely too. If your group is large, we can also arrange for a trainer to come to your site. Give us a call and we’ll work with you on a program that is right for your company. It’s good to be certifiable! 


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