Winter Brings Industry Exhibition and Education Options for PROs

Winter Brings Industry Exhibition and Education Options for PROs

Karleen Kos is executive director of the Portable Sanitation Association International. She may be reached at or 952-854-8300.

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between things that seem very alike. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know that even Mrs. Weasley had trouble sorting out Fred and George. If you are older, you might recall the challenges — at least from a distance — of separating the Pontiac, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile “cookie-cutter cars” of the 1980s. And who can say whether there is any meaningful distinction between an Oreo and a Hydrox cookie in a blind taste test?

So it is with the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show and the Portable Sanitation Association International’s Convention and Trade Show. In some ways they seem very similar, yet there are some clear differences. The WWETT Show is larger and located in Indianapolis, while the PSAI event is smaller and moves around the country. But there are more meaningful differences too. So when you are considering which one to attend, it might be helpful to have the following things in mind:

• Are you interested primarily in portable sanitation or a wide range of wastewater-related industries? By its larger nature, the WWETT Show reaches into many aspects of the water and wastewater industries. The PSAI’s event has been created by, and for, portable sanitation professionals, and that is its primary focus.

• Do you want to blend into something big or have a personalized experience? If you like to go to a huge show, walk the floor and “do your own thing,” the WWETT Show is a great fit for you. With its huge space and hundreds of vendors, you can spend days doing just that. The PSAI’s event, by contrast, is more interactive with other attendees. You will meet and talk with people who do what you do. You’ll pick topics that matter to you, share lessons you’ve learned and hear how others have solved some of the problems you’ve faced. You’ll be drawn into dinners and discussions that will have an immediate impact on your business back home. When you leave, you’ll be leaving folks who feel like family.

• Do you want speakers with hands-on experience in your field? No doubt about it, the WWETT Show offers some great educational opportunities across a lot of fields. Many of their speakers are experts in whatever they do. With its singular focus, the PSAI’s programming drills down into both the “why” and “how” of various aspects of running a portable sanitation company or business line. From our roundtable discussions to our hands-on learning labs, most of the presenters and facilitators actually do what you do for a living.

The portable sanitation industry is lucky to have two great events to consider for continuing education and product display. We hope you will attend one or both of them. The WWETT Show will be held Feb. 17-20 at the Indiana Convention Center, and the PSAI’s Annual Convention and Trade Show will be held March 24-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Next year, join the PSAI Feb. 2-5 in Memphis, Tennessee, and also check out WWETT Feb. 22-25, 2021, in Indianapolis. We’ll see you there!


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