Restrooms in the Foreground; Tragedy in the Background

These units were on hand to serve visitors and workers at the site of a building collapse in the center of a large tourist city

Restrooms in the Foreground; Tragedy in the Background

These restrooms are serving the response teams near the site of a tragic high-rise construction collapse that took the lives of several workers in 2019. You can see the collapsed building in the background.

Portable sanitation products play an integral role in almost every construction project, offering convenient relief for workers doing the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, they are also deployed in the event of an event like this one, which reminds us as an industry about the daily dangers of working on a construction crew or for restroom technicians serving workers who scale the heights to build impressive structures.

Here are a few clues to help you identify the location of the restrooms:

1. Note the palm trees; this should help you narrow the search based on climate.

2. The cross streets are named for an animal you will never see in this region and a type of manmade waterway.

3. The history of this city is fraught with tall tales, legends, lore and tragedy. It has been underwater, but it always rises.

4. Regional cuisine and music are the lifeblood of this community.

5. The damaged building was to be 190 feet tall and include tourist lodging, apartments, a national chain restaurant and parking garage.

6. Streetcar service a few hundred feet from the restrooms was blocked by the building collapse.

To win the contest, name the city and collapsed building shown in the photo, as well as the streets that intersect at the location of the three restrooms. The winner will receive recognition as a geographical whiz. Send your responses to The winner will be announced at and through the Portable Restroom Operator Facebook page. 

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