Product Focus - May 2020

Product Focus - May 2020

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Graffiti Removal

Century Chemical Graffiti Wipes

Graffiti Wipes from Century Chemical are designed for fast, easy cleanup of ink from nonporous surfaces. The abrasive, yet nonscratching fabric can be used on a variety of surfaces, including portable restrooms, showers, partitions and hand-wash stations. They are premoistened with an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and permanent marker. A few swipes dissolve unwanted paint and graffiti, according to the maker. Each case contains six canisters; and each canister holds 70 wipes that are 9 1/2 by 12 inches.

Sunrise Environmental Scientific Wipe Off

Wipe Off from Sunrise Environmental Scientific eliminates product runoff and drip down, as it sprays out as a gel that clings to hard surfaces. This gelling property makes the target surface and the product interact. It stays where it’s sprayed, offering an effective solution for graffiti removal, according to the maker. Its ability to cling to graffiti-covered surfaces eliminates the need to reapply. 800-648-1153;

Walex Products Banish Graffiti Remover

Banish Graffiti Remover from Walex Products is a user-friendly formulation that removes graffiti and leaves surfaces protected from future graffiti. It removes most types of graffiti and many stains from smooth, nonporous surfaces such as plastics, glass and metals. It can be used to remove marker, paint, pen, pencil, grease, tar, crayon, dirt and calcium buildup. In most cases, it will remove the graffiti in less than a minute on unpainted surfaces, according to the maker. It is sold in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon containers. It should be sprayed onto the surface being cleaned and allowed a minute or two to work; then use a Banish Pad or soft scrub brush to agitate the product on the surface to help the removal process. 800-338-3155;

Odor Control 

Armal Scent Box

The Scent Box from Armal incorporates a fragrance — vanilla balm, rose sensation, apple blossom, pinewood trail or strawberry field — in the wall panels of the restroom during the manufacturing process, ensuring a pleasant scent inside. The unit has a heavy-duty, spring-coil door with a wind-resistant device to ensure closure when unlocked and an overlapping wall assembly for greater safety. Options include a recirculating kit with filter and freshwater flush that works in combination with the pump kit. 866-873-7796;

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Truex Squeeze Bottle

The Truex Squeeze Bottle from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is a convenient, no-leak, easy-to-use 1-liter bottle filled with nonformaldehyde Truex Liquid Power portable toilet deodorizer. The squeeze bottle speeds up productivity and reduces messy and costly spillage. It provides long-lasting deep blue color, advanced time-released odor eliminating technology, and breaks down paper and waste, reducing mounding. 800-345-3303;

Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp Sensory Grand Disks 

Sensory Grand Disks for portable restrooms from Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp are designed to eliminate tank odors. They are simple to use and are available in many long-lasting fruity fragrances. 888-729-6478;

LunarGlo solar exhaust fan

LunarGlo offers a solar-powered exhaust fan, which when mounted on the 4-inch vent stack can remove 23 to 40 cubic feet of air per minute on a sunny day with a gentle breeze by pulling the air from the holding tank up the stack. The fan motor is designed to function for up to 40,000 hours of continuous use. It can be coupled with a scented biscuit hung from the side vent to create a pleasant interior environment for users. 574-294-2624;

PolyJohn Enterprises Cooper’s Best Deodorizing Packets

Cooper’s Best Deodorizing Packets from PolyJohn Enterprises give portable restroom operators an environmentally friendly option that helps control odors. These packets offer the ease and efficiency of an individually packaged deodorizer combined with a “green” formulation of bacterial agents that dissolves waste and destroys odors. Use one packet for 5 gallons of freshwater to service a unit. A case includes 250 packets. 800-292-1305;

Safe-T-Fresh Eco Blue

Eco Blue eco-friendly deodorizer from Safe-T-Fresh is a packet product with no hazardous materials that doesn’t sacrifice fragrance or deep blue color. Its malodor control technology eliminates chemical processes by naturally absorbing malodors. It is biocide- and bacteria-free, making it biodegradable and treatment plant friendly. It is designed to provide a worry-free week of service with a lavender scent at any temperature. 800-883-1123;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Potty Fresh Plus portable toilet pump spray

Oil-based Potty Fresh Plus portable toilet pump spray from Surco Portable Sanitation Products eliminates stubborn odors in portable restrooms and provides long-lasting freshness. This deodorizer is easy to apply and contains Metazene odor-neutralizing additive that destroys the particles that cause vaporous malodors at their molecular level. Simply spray on the hard interior surfaces of any portable unit and odors disappear. It is suitable for urinals, on portable restroom walls and any other noncontact surfaces. It is available in xtreme clean, cherry and lavender fragrances, and it can be ordered in cases of quart bottles, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. 800-556-0111;

T blustar BLUPAC

BLUPAC nonformaldehyde deodorizer packets from T blustar are environmentally friendly and easy to use. They are drop-and-go packets with concentrated deodorizers meeting the GHS standards, meaning they have a specific label/document valid around the world that explains chemical hazards to anyone potentially exposed. They are available in a berry fragrance and are easy to transport. 404-482-0736;  


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