Product Focus - August 2020

Product Focus - August 2020

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Dispenser and Supplies

PolyJohn E SaniStand

The E SaniStand from PolyJohn assembles and disassembles quickly and stores flat to be tucked away when it’s not needed. It can be outfitted with most dispensers in the market and is compatible with the company’s PSD1-1000 liquid soap/hand sanitizer dispenser. 800-292-1305;

Hand Sanitizer

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Stat62

Stat62 hand sanitizer from Surco Portable Sanitation Products is a 62% alcohol gel topical solution. It is pleasantly scented and contains a topical antiseptic to reduce bacteria that can spread disease. The fresh mint scent is available in cases of 4-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. Stat80 80% alcohol liquid spray is available in the same sizes. It is bulk packed only. 412-789-8683;

Portable Restroom Accessories/Supplies 

Safe-T-Fresh Eco Blue

Eco Blue deodorizer from Safe-T-Fresh is an eco-friendly packet product with no hazardous materials that doesn’t sacrifice fragrance or deep blue color. Its malodor control technology eliminates chemical processes by naturally absorbing malodors. It is biocide- and bacteria-free, making it fully biodegradable and treatment plant friendly. It is designed to provide a week of service, maintaining a lavender scent at any temperature. 800-883-1123;

Walex Products Ovation

Ovation air fresheners from Walex Products contain odor control technology and freshening capabilities designed to last more than 30 days. The product can be used in portable restrooms, vehicles, homes, storage rooms or anywhere a boost of fragrance is needed. They are lightweight, 3.5 inches in diameter and available in three fragrances and colors, including fresh/blue, citrus/orange and lavender/purple. To use the disc, tear open the package, remove the disc and pin it or hang it anywhere. If being placed directly in contact with surfaces that can be damaged by fragrance, such as finished wood, polished surfaces and certain plastics, packages should be torn open and the disc left in the package to be placed near the source of foul odors. 800-338-3155;

Portable Sinks

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Double Hand Wash Station

The Double Hand Wash Station from J&J Portable Sanitation Products has a lightweight construction with a durable, single-piece outer body and enclosed freshwater tank. It provides a large opening at the foot pump to accommodate work boots, as well as a basin to accommodate forearms. Two paper towel dispensers hold a two-fold paper towel. The molded base prevents wear on tanks while being moved. Convenient fill and evacuation ports make service easy. It has convenient handholds for easy maneuverability. Both the freshwater and graywater tanks have a 24-gallon capacity and drains. 800-345-3303;

JAG Mobile Solutions Smart Sink Trailer

The Smart Sink Trailer from JAG Mobile Solutions provides multiple hand-wash station access styles, as well as no-hands faucet operation. They can have one to 32 hand-wash stations and can be configured to operate in outside temperatures from 20 degrees below zero to 100 degrees F. They maximize freshwater and wastewater capacity, so each trailer provides up to 7,200 hand-washes between services. Water heater operations include tankless propane, electric tank-type or both to provide hot water up to 140 degrees F in all environments and allow it to be configured for off-grid usage. 800-815-2557;

McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers hand-wash station

The hand-wash station from McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers is designed as a self-contained unit that allows outdoor event or work site crowds to have easy access to warm water and soap dispensers. Options include mirrors and lighting. Stainless steel sinks and counters with self-closing, water-saver faucets are simple to maintain, according to the maker. A large polyethylene freshwater tank, paired with a galvanized graywater tank, ensures many uses before discharge and recharge. Setup is easy, and a custom-painted steel chassis with front-locking utility cabinet ensures the unit is aesthetically pleasing while safely containing the water heater and pressure tank. The graywater tank is horizontally mounted inside the chassis with a 2-inch discharge port at the rear. Units are built on a commercial-grade trailer chassis for easy towing and placement. 866-457-5425;

NUCONCEPTS deli utility sink

The three-basin deli utility sink from NUCONCEPTS is available in 50- and 66-inch sizes. Both are constructed of 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel with a No. 4 finish. They are health and safety certified and have heavy-duty, commercial-grade faucets and sprayers running hot and cold water. They offer strong and spacious folding sideboards, a soap dispenser, sump pump, water inlet with regulator, lockable cabinet doors, a built-in 1 1/2-inch clean-out and onboard water heaters. 800-334-1065;

Satellite | PolyPortables Tag 4

The Tag 4 portable sink from Satellite | PolyPortables balances the fundamental strengths of the original Tag sink with improved design and functionality to offer a more operator-friendly, free-standing hand-wash station. It holds almost any size soap and towel dispenser on the market while still fitting comfortably in most standard-size portable restrooms for easy transportation. A new locking mechanism, easier suction port and freshwater tank access, plus larger handgrips now on all four sides, make it a convenient, everyday option. It includes stake-down holes on the base of the unit, a sink that opens on the top to allow access to the freshwater tank, a locking freshwater tank with latches that can be padlocked for added security, a suction port that provides easier access to clean out graywater, and large basins that allow for easy forearm washing. The water capacity is 22 gallons for both tanks. 800-883-1123;

T blustar RP-Twin

The RP-Twin free-standing portable hand-wash station from T blustar connects two single RP-Clean sinks back to back on a pedestal with two soap dispensers and two hand towel dispensers. Each sink basin has a capacity of 15 gallons for freshwater and 15 gallons for graywater. The freshwater is filled into the first sink basin and dispensed by a foot pump to both of the faucets. The graywater from both sinks filters into the second hand-wash basin. Both sinks have shelves for cellphones or keys. 404-719-0715; 

T.S.F. Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink

The Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink with trash container from T.S.F. provides two wash stations; hands-free, foot-operated pumps; towel dispenser; and 10-cup-capacity soap dispenser. A lifting bracket allows for easy positioning in high-rise applications. The lifting bracket has a 1/4-inch wire cable, weighs 30 pounds and is safety orange. The unit is constructed from easy-to-clean polyethylene, with 45-gallon waste and freshwater capacities, a towel dispenser, trash container, protective skid plate and freshwater drain plug. It weighs 85 pounds. 800-843-9286; www.tuff‑  


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