Product Focus - November 2020

Product Focus - November 2020

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Slide-In Service Units


The 400-Gallon Service Unit from American Tank has a 300-gallon waste and 100-gallon water split tank designed to back up to the headache rack on a flatbed truck, fitting in the center of the bed allowing easy access and workability. The unit fits on any type of chassis and can even be mounted on a smaller chassis such as a Ford F-350. It weighs approximately 1,150 pounds empty. The engine/pump package can be installed in several locations, including on the driver’s side on the end of the tank so that the driver/operator can access it when they step out of the cab. The tank/pump package can be any combination, including Masport, Jurop, Fruitland, National Vacuum or Conde. It comes with 30 feet of suction hose and wand and a 15-foot section of discharge hose. Various water pump options are available, and it comes in a variety of colors. 254-938-2564;


The Crescent Tank vacuum tank is flat inside and out. It has no baffles, allowing it to be emptied completely to avoid internal corrosion. With the included pump at specified CFM, unnecessary fatigue of the structure is eliminated and the life of the tank is prolonged. It is made from 1/4-inch-thick steel for structural soundness. The workstation is designed for the portable restroom industry. Freshwater is held inside the external 1/2-inch-thick poly tank. The slide-in is low profile for better weight distribution and is barely visible in the bed of a pickup truck. The chassis required is a 1-ton or greater, 8-foot bed pickup or flatbed truck, based on maximum load capacity. 585-657-4104;


The WorkMate three-compartment slide-in unit from FMI Truck Sales & Service is designed to be easy to work and fits in the back of a 1-ton pickup truck. It also works as efficiently across a flatbed truck to operate as a pickup and delivery or special event truck. It has a 325-gallon waste compartment and twin 75-gallon poly water tanks that can be isolated for a three-compartment system or flow together for a two-compartment system. Standard options include a primary and secondary shut-off, 12-volt freshwater delivery, an oil-catch muffler and easy-drain manifold system. It comes with a wand, bucket, ergonomic workstation, hoses and straps. Options include a supply storage box on the passenger side and tool storage on the driver’s side. 800-927-8750;


The 550-Gallon Slide-In Unit from Imperial Industries allows for versatility when a larger tank is needed without a flatbed to mount it to. It comes with a 100-gallon poly water tank, Masport HXL-3V vacuum pump with 9 hp Honda engine, 30 feet of 2-inch waste hose, 50 feet of garden hose on a hose reel, TOICO water pump and a 3-inch discharge. It is available as a stand-alone unit or situated on a 7,000-pound gross vehicle weight rated tandem-axle trailer. 800-558-2945;


The FD-950-2C-SE from KeeVac Industries offers a flanged and dished tank built for both on- and off-road service. Customers looking to add to their fleet can add this work-ready unit with a powerful pumping system and optional power-twin washdown pump. With a smaller footprint than larger tanks, the slide-in units can service hard-to-reach locations for increased service area growth with reduced downtime. Each unit is made from all aluminum or stainless steel. All units come fully equipped and ready to work, complete with pump, motor, Tigertail suction hose, and washdown hose with spray nozzle. 866-789-9440;

LMT GAL-VAC 300/100

The GAL-VAC 300/100 fully galvanized two-compartment, slide-in vacuum system from LMT is designed for longevity and convenience. Designed to fit between the wheel wells of a standard pickup truck bed or on a flatbed, the slide-in has a 300-gallon capacity for wastewater and 100 gallons of freshwater. The standard configuration includes a 100 cfm Hertell KDP-3000 vacuum/pressure pump powered by a direct-drive Honda 8.5 hp GX270 gas engine. The package includes a spring-rewind Hannay hose reel with 50 feet of 3/8-inch hose and a 4 gpm 12-volt washdown pump. 217-568-8265;


The FD Series from Robinson Vacuum Tanks is available in single- and multiple-compartment models. Manufactured from aluminum, the tank offers two choices for configuration: RE with the pump located on the rear side of the tank, and SE with the pump located on the side of the tank and set up for conventional mount. The FD Series includes larger-capacity tanks than the company’s more compact SC design. 814-933-0927;


The MD slide-in series from Satellite Vacuum Trucks are made from high-strength carbon steel, making them easy to maintain with a long life expectancy. They are powder coated for tank longevity and to eliminate corrosion. They are available in a 300-, 400-, 450-, 550- and 650-gallon tank, with other custom sizes available. The tanks are versatile and bolt onto any truck bed. 800-883-1123;


The SSSC-600-2C-SE from Slide-In Warehouse offers the versatility of a slide-in unit with the long-term durability of stainless steel. The tank is made from 10-gauge stainless steel with a standard Masport HXL-2 vacuum pump and a Honda 5.5 hp electric-start motor. It is available with an optional power-twin washdown pump. Units are made from all aluminum or stainless-steel, and come fully equipped and ready to work. 888-445-4892;


The Triotank slide-in vacuum tank from T blustar is made of lightweight, high-density polyethylene. It is composed of three independent holding tanks, including 250-gallon upper and lower tanks and a concealed 250-gallon interior sphere. The user can choose to carry 500 gallons of waste and 250 gallons of water, or 250 gallons of waste and 500 gallons of water. It comes with a Battioni Pagani MEC1600 vacuum pump, high-pressure water pump, onboard computer and antifreeze system. Options include color or various power supplies, such as autonomous with a Honda engine or PTO. 404-719-0715;


Slide-in tanks from TankTec range from 100 to 995 gallons. The tanks are available in single-compartment for grease and septic or two-compartment for portable restroom service. 888-428-6422;


The H16-14-16 Portable Hose Reel from Hannay Reels is lightweight and suitable for use in pipe cleaning, drain cleaning and high-pressure applications in both residential and light commercial environments. Its easy-to-use carry handle and manual rewind make it suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas. Designed with a quality swivel joint, the reel can accommodate pressures up to 5,000 psi. It includes a tension brake, one twist tie to hold hose and all-steel construction. 877-467-3357;


Series PW7000 hose reels from Reelcraft Industries are fitted with a nickel-plated, carbon-steel Aflas sealed swivel specifically for pressure-wash applications. The reel holds up to 50 feet of 3/8-inch I.D. hose. Its rigidity, compact design and powder-coat finish make it suitable for outdoor, all-weather and truck-mount applications. The guide arm adjusts to seven positions for ceiling, wall, truck, bench or pit mounting. The reel comes in standard red, but several other colors are available upon request. 800-444-3134;

Pressure Washer and Sprayer


The CV Series cargo van drain jet from Cam Spray offers diesel-fired hot water for additional jetting power. Several models are available up to 4,000 psi and 12 gpm. A triplex plunger pump with power pulse valve provides an extra push when needed. Air purge and recirculation to the tank are provided for freeze protection. A 5-gallon fuel tank provides hours of runtime. It comes with a heavily built, powder-coated frame with full deck and 130-gallon water capacity; a 12-volt DC reel with 2-1 clutch drive allowing for free spooling; and a powered hose return. It is controlled by a push button or foot switch. Accessories include a four-nozzle set, storage box, tip cleaner, tiger tail, safety shield, rubber gloves, high-visibility safety vest, 50-foot washdown hose and trigger gun. 800-648-5011;

Vacuum Hose


King Bee KBEE Series polyethylene liquid suction hose from Kuriyama of America provides flexibility for maneuvering in tight areas such as portable restrooms. The hose remains flexible in subzero temperatures, is crush resistant and will not kink. The easy-slide helix protects the hose tube from cover wear and moves easily over rough surfaces. Overmolded cuffs help prevent leaking. It is available in 2- and 3-inch I.D. sizes in multiple lengths. The 3-inch I.D. hose is also available as a 3-foot hose guard. 847-755-0360;

Vacuum Pumps


The Model 151 from Elmira Machine Industries / Wallenstein Vacuum can be used with portable sanitation tanks and slide-in units and at campgrounds and marinas that require a compact package. It offers 80 cfm at 15 inches Hg, with a 2-inch vacuum/pressure valve, swivel elbows for easy hookup, air pressure or mechanical lubrication, and clockwise or counterclockwise operation. It can be direct, hydraulic, pulley or clutch driven. 800-801-6663;


The ELIM A344 Series from Fruitland is a compact, low-weight pump that offers 218 cfm of airflow and low oil consumption. It has an automated oil delivery system through the rotor shaft, along with level sight gauges, vane gauging ports and an anti-shock design. The package includes an oil-catch muffler and secondary shut-off, which eliminates plumbing issues and makes for easy installation. This package comes in both gearbox and hydraulic drive options with integrated mounts. 800-663-9003;


HXL4V and HXL75V plug-and-play vacuum pump systems from Masport have a compact, low-profile design that incorporates an integrated scrubber, oil separator and inlet filter. The systems are fully integrated so they can slot into place, removing installation hassles and minimizing installation labor costs. A built-in steel oil reservoir comes standard, with self-aligning gearbox and hydraulic drive options. A water-cooled version using the HXL75WV pump is also available.  800-228-4510;


The National Vacuum Equipment B250 Max Pak is designed for the portable restroom market, using a hybrid tri-lobe blower with an integral four-way motor for vacuum/pressure use and inlet filter to provide protection. It is oil free, and its airflow is 270 cfm. It is capable of running continuously at 15 inches Hg. It comes ready to mount and includes an exhaust silencer. The 1-to-1.5 ratio gearbox makes it easy to provide the optimum revolutions per minute to the blower while keeping truck revolutions per minute in check. While designed to fit on a Ford F-550 and Dodge 5500, it can mount on any truck with ample ground clearance. It is also available in hydraulic drive to accommodate four-wheel-drive trucks. 800-253-5500;


The Presvac Systems PV750 rotary vane pump is designed for continuous full-vacuum operation in extreme conditions. It offers 400 cfm at free air, 350 cfm at 15 inches Hg, a maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 35 psi. Dual fans and twin-ballast ports efficiently cool the pump. The solid housing with deep cooling ribs allows for greater heat transfer from the vacuum chamber. Aluminum fans and shrouding work like a heat exchanger to aid in heat reduction. Multiple manifold and drive options are available for truck, trailer or stationary applications. 800-387-7763;


Conde PowerPak units from Westmoor are suitable for slide-in tank sizes from 50 to 2,000 gallons. They are compact and available in either belt- or direct-drive configurations. Direct-drive units incorporate a centrifugal clutch that allows the user to throttle down the engine and disengage the vacuum pump. Throttle up and the pump is in action. Specify either vacuum and pressure, or vacuum-only pump choice. Diesel-powered units are also available for applications where nonsparking engines are required. 800-367-0972;

Washdown Pump


Heavy-duty Moro USA DC water pumps offer 20 gpm maximum flow for quick restroom fills, while 42 psi maximum pressure provides quick high-pressure cleaning. Available with cast iron or stainless steel pump body, both models offer a stainless steel impeller and Viton elastomers. Fan-cooled, 12-volt (83-amp maximum draw) motors are epoxy-coated for durability. These continuous-duty pumps come solenoid- and pressure-switch standard for easy installation. They have 1.25-inch suction and 1-inch discharge ports. The discharge can be mounted in four different positions. 800-383-6304;  


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