Product Spotlight - December 2020

Product Spotlight - December 2020

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PolyJohn responds to unprecedented demand for hand-sanitizing solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has put cleanliness and sanitation on the mind of everyone. The enormous need for safe and effective hand sanitizer, and effective methods to apply it, has companies like PolyJohn devoting substantial amounts of research and development toward the cause.

The Emergency SaniStand or E Stand was designed, tested and began production in less than two weeks through PolyJohn’s in-house engineering team in early spring as a direct response to COVID-19, according to marketing director Danny Schaver. 

“Once all the regulations were put in place, the demand for sanitization skyrocketed,” he says. “The E Stand was designed to be manufactured fast, and to be assembled and disassembled quickly, so our customers could store and deliver far more products than traditional hand sanitizer station options.”

As a companion product to the E Stand, PolyJohn also began producing and marketing Bulk Hand Sanitizer. “It was launched after a lot of testing was done to bring the best product to market, when hand sanitizing chemicals were being produced by everyone, including breweries,” says Schaver. “We wanted to make sure that the hand sanitizer we released met high standards and would be a product that would last in the market, even when stricter regulations came into place.”

The E Stand is compatible with PolyJohn soap dispensers. The dispensers include an O-ring seal that makes them leakproof, even when turned upside down. They not only dispense regular hand soap, but also gel-form hand sanitizer. According to Schaver, the E Stand and dispensers, along with the Bulk Hand Sanitizer, are helping fulfill a huge need in the world market, but the products are also sustainable long-term.

“It’s not just special events that require sanitizing anymore, but nearly every retail store and every restaurant right now,” he says. “But that may not be the case in in the future, so we made the E Stand easy to disassemble and store flat. You can potentially store hundreds where it would take the same room to store a quarter the number of traditional hand sanitizer stations.”

In a world where the supply doesn’t always equal the demand, PolyJohn has managed to keep up with orders. “So far people love that they can get the product quickly and that they can supply more of their customers,” Schaver says. 800-292-1305;


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