Product Spotlight - April 2021

Product Spotlight - April 2021

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Industries across the globe have made efforts for years to become more eco-friendly in procedures and products, and the portable restroom business is no different. 

The demand for ecologically friendly deodorizers is expanding, and Walex’s Bio-Pak is a natural drop-in deodorizer designed to eliminate odors using natural enzymes, a substance produced by living organisms that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. 

“All-natural deodorizer is a growing market,” says Corey Morton, Walex’s director of sales and business development. “Walex introduced the portion control system decades ago with Porta-Pak, but the Bio-Pak resulted from extensive research by our research and development department to a new, highly effective natural enzyme-based formula to control odor and liquefy waste.” 

Operators can use Bio-Pak to keep the holding tanks inside restroom trailers and portable restrooms free of foul odors and also to reduce mounding. The packets are designed to be mess-free and dissolve quickly when placed into liquid.

Each Bio-Pak bag comes with 50 sachets, with each one preportioned to provide about one week of odor control depending on the usage and climate. To use, drop a packet into the toilet with an added five gallons of water. The proper amount of water is crucial to their effectiveness as it allows waste and paper to fall below the waterline allowing the enzymes to begin working. 

“Bio-Pak is biodegradable, nonstaining, biocide-free, formaldehyde-free and California-compliant,” Morton says. “With all that, it still has the same EVERBLUE color and fragrance as Walex’s other portable restroom deodorizers.”

Bio-Pak’s formula is able to break down paper, eliminating the need for special toilet papers, and is designed to contain everything necessary to deodorize a tank, according to Morton. So it’s important not to mix it with any other chemicals or treatments. The enzyme-based formula digests built-up waste on tank walls and sensors that are a common source of odors in portable restrooms even after pumping or dumping the tank. 

The natural enzymes make the Bio-Pak septic safe. 800-338-3155; 


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