Case Study - April 2021

Case Study - April 2021

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Company simplifies routing and invoicing 

Problem:  Crazy Mountain Industries, a septic and portable restroom service company in Livingston, Montana, sought a solution that would allow managing drivers’ schedules in its rural location. The company needed to route without addresses and be able to operate without cell service. Office staff had previously been entering invoices by hand each month — a process that took two to three days to write, record and mail.

Solution:  Crazy Mountain chose ServiceCore. Every route is optimized for efficiency and location. The team manages the drivers’ schedules in Yellowstone Park, customizing the latitude and longitude of service locations as needed. They also use the optimization feature to make the routes as efficient as possible. Invoicing takes minutes per month and can be done directly in the software. The office staff can see where each unit is and what inventory is available by date. 

Result:  Crazy Mountain Industries is happy with their choice. “It takes 10 minutes to do invoicing,” says company co-owner Deonne Hillman. “It took me longer to stuff the envelopes than to do the invoicing.” 844-336-0611;


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