Product Focus - May 2021

Product Focus - May 2021

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Century Chemical Graffiti Wipes

Graffiti Wipes from Century Chemical are designed for fast, easy cleanup of ink from nonporous surfaces. The abrasive, yet nonscratching fabric can be used on a variety of surfaces, including portable restrooms, showers, partitions and hand-wash stations. They are premoistened with an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning formula that removes paints, enamel, ink and permanent marker with a few swipes, according to the maker. Each case contains six canisters, with each canister holding 70 wipes that are 9 ½-by 12-inches. 800-348-3505;

PolyJohn PRO’s Choice Liquid Graffiti Remover

PRO’s Choice Liquid Graffiti Remover from PolyJohn is formulated to remove paints, inks, crayons, lipstick and other marks from road signs, bridge abutments, sidewalks, reflective signs, Formica countertops, washroom walls, underpasses, trucks, buses, public buildings, mirrors, lockers and wherever graffiti is a problem. It may be used on most surfaces, including brick, glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, ceramics, Formica, terrazzo, enamels, brass, aluminum, steel, chrome, vinyl, painted and many other surfaces. 800-292-1305;

Armal Scent Box

The Scent Box from Armal incorporates a fragrance — vanilla balm, rose sensation, apple blossom, pinewood trail or strawberry field — in the wall panels of the restroom during the manufacturing process, ensuring a pleasant scent. The unit has a heavy-duty, spring-coil door with a wind-resistant device to ensure closure when unlocked and an overlapping wall assembly for greater safety. Options include a recirculating kit with filter and freshwater flush that works in combination with the pump kit. 866-873-7796;

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Truex Power Packets

Truex Power Packets from J&J Portable Sanitation Products are a nonformaldehyde, water-soluble, portion-control deodorizer with advanced technology using multiple odor control components that engage when needed. The formula utilizes advanced fragrance and long-lasting, deep-blue, nonstaining color. They work to continuously break down paper and waste, reducing mounding for increased odor control in the holding tank to provide long-lasting protection in the most demanding environments. They are available in a variety of exclusive fragrances and sizes. 800-345-3303;

Johnny’s Choice Relentless Liquid Deodorizer

Johnny’s Choice Relentless Liquid Deodorizer is a concentrated nonformaldehyde formulation that has the ability to control foul odors in portable restrooms during all seasons, particularly in hot and humid summer months. It has a nonstaining royal blue color to hide waste and has an appealing fruity scent. It breaks down waste and tissue, making it easier to clean and service units. It is available in different concentrations (Regular, Super or Ultra), allowing operators to customize and prepare ready-to-use formulations to specific conditions and cost requirements. 888-729-6478;

Masport Pumper Scent 

The Pumper Scent odor-control device from Masport uses exhaust from the vacuum pump to eliminate odors. The vaporizer chamber is placed directly after the oil separator on the truck. Heat and airflow from the vacuum pump activate the scent that bonds with the air molecules to eliminate foul odors generated while pumping grease traps, septic tanks and portable restrooms. Piping sizes for the vaporizer chamber are available from 1 1/2 to 4 inches to fit all rotary vane vacuum pumps. 800-228-4510;

Satellite Industries Safe-T-Fresh Eco Blue

Safe-T-Fresh Eco Blue eco-friendly deodorizer from Satellite Industries is a packet product with no hazardous materials that doesn’t sacrifice fragrance or deep blue color. Its malodor control technology eliminates chemical processes by naturally absorbing malodors. It is biocide- and bacteria-free, making it fully biodegradable and treatment plant-friendly. It is designed to provide a week of service, maintaining a lavender scent at any temperature. 800-883-1123;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Potty Fresh Summer Plus

Potty Fresh Summer Plus portable restroom deodorant from Surco Portable Sanitation Products is designed to replace formaldehyde deodorants used in heat and humidity. It has two biocides, neither of which is formaldehyde, so it is eco-friendly and safe to use. It has a strong fragrance and deep blue nonstaining dye. Metazene neutralizes odor molecules in portable restroom tanks and ambient air. A choice of powerful fragrances freshens the surrounding air, minimizing customer complaints and callbacks. The nonstaining dye hides waste, paper and debris. 800-556-0111;

T blustar BLUPAC

BLUPAC nonformaldehyde deodorizer packets from T blustar are environmentally friendly and easy to use. They are drop-and-go packets with concentrated deodorizers meeting the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standards, meaning they have a specific label/document valid around the world that explains chemical hazards to anyone potentially exposed. They are available in a berry fragrance and are easy to transport. 404-482-0736;

Walex Products Ovation

Ovation air fresheners from Walex Products contain odor control technology and freshening capabilities designed to last more than 30 days. The product can be used in portable restrooms, vehicles, homes, storage rooms or anywhere a boost of fragrance is needed. They are lightweight, 3.5 inches in diameter and available in three fragrances and colors: fresh/blue, citrus/orange and lavender/purple. To use the disc, tear open the package, remove the disc and pin it or hang it anywhere. If it’s being placed in direct contact with surfaces that can be damaged by this contact, such as finished wood, polished surfaces and certain plastics, packages should be torn open, and the disc left in the package and placed near the source of foul odors. 800-338-3155;  


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