Product Focus: July 2021

Product Focus: July 2021

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Armal Cube HN

The Armal Cube HN is designed for the comfort and convenience of individuals requiring special portable restrooms or simply preferring a large restroom. It has a sloping, anti-slip floor, and it is spacious enough to admit a person in a wheelchair with an attendant. The seat height and side handrails allow easy movement from wheelchair to seat. The pneumatic door closer is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for easy access. 866-873-7796;

Sansom Industries Zenith ADA

The Zenith ADA unit from Sansom Industries includes a durable wraparound floor and the choice of 45- or 70-gallon sump tanks. It exceeds federal ADA and California ADA Title 24 signage requirements and includes ADA handrails on three walls. Its one-piece floor structure is built using all stainless steel threaded fasteners and is formed from a single sheet of 0.400-gauge plastic. It has side and rear forklift access openings molded into the floor, a baby changer mount and a sonically welded doorjamb. Hands-free door entry and exit reduce germ exposure to hands for improved hygiene. No angled or plate metal parts are required for assembly. 844-972-6766;

Satellite Industries Freedom-4 

The Freedom 4 from Satellite Industries is a fully ADA compliant portable restroom. It has been re-engineered for added strength and space. New features include reinforced side panels, longer handrails, molded vents, plastic carrying handles and a strengthened roof, door frame, closure and latch. Its high-impact, plastic lift handles will not rust and have a wider grip to reduce hand pressure when lifting. Molded-in vent screens reduce maintenance costs, and longer handrails provide more stability for end users. The roof is 50% stronger having added supports and maintaining multiple tie-down options. A heavy-duty door closure provides added durability. 800-883-1123;

T blustar Space160

The Space160 from T blustar is a spacious portable restroom suitable for parks, beaches, recreation sites and handicapped-accessible requirements. It has a flat floor that allows a wheelchair or child’s stroller to easily roll into and turn around inside. The interior metal handrails assist people and children with disabilities for easy maneuverability inside the restroom. It comes standard with a freshwater flush and hand-wash sink, both with hand pumps. It can be personalized in a large selection of bright colors and a company logo. A double wheel and lift jack allow a single operator to easily move it from site to site. 404-719-0715;

Century Chemical Toi-De-Fresh

The Toi-De-Fresh line of portable sanitation products from Century Chemical has been formulated and tested to neutralize odors in the most demanding applications. The liquid deodorants are available in super-concentrated and premixed formulas in both formaldehyde and non-formaldehyde varieties. Fragrances include apple cinnamon, bubblegum, cherry, fresh and clean, lavender, mulberry, and orange. The recently reformulated 2-ounce fresh and clean fragrance toss-in packet provides long-lasting odor control. They can be paired with Super Mask masking agent and line of all-purpose cleaners and citrus degreasers. 800-348-3505;

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Truex Squeeze Bottle

The Truex Squeeze Bottle from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is a convenient, no-leak, easy-to-use 1-liter bottle filled with non-formaldehyde Truex Liquid Power portable restroom deodorizer. The squeeze bottle speeds productivity and reduces messy and costly spillage. It provides long-lasting deep blue color, advanced time-released odor eliminating technology, and it breaks down paper and waste, reducing mounding. 800-345-3303;

Johnny’s Choice Relentless Liquid 

Johnny’s Choice Relentless Liquid deodorizer is a concentrated non-formaldehyde formulation that controls foul odors in portable restrooms during all seasons, particularly in hot and humid summer months. It has a non-staining royal blue color to hide waste and has a fruity scent. It breaks down waste and tissue, making it easier to clean and service units. It is available in different concentrations (regular, super or ultra), allowing operators to customize and prepare ready-to-use formulations to specific conditions and cost requirements. 888-729-6478;

PolyJohn Deodorizing Power Packets

Deodorizing Power Packets from PolyJohn are suitable alternatives to traditional liquid deodorizers. They offer an environmentally friendly option for odor control and are formulated to work in the most demanding conditions. They are designed to help customers control usage and service costs. 800-292-1305;

Safe-T-Fresh Eco Blue 

Eco Blue from Safe-T-Fresh addresses the most restrictive dumpsite regulations in the industry. As guidelines become more stringent, compliance with traditional holding tank treatments has become an issue. Most holding tank deodorizers disrupt the growth of odor-causing bacteria by the process of elimination. Formaldehyde and biocides kill bacteria. Eco Blue avoids these issues by utilizing non-disruptive technology to control malodor. It absorbs the malodor molecules produced by bacteria. Proven to have the capacity to absorb more than 100,000 times its weight, it performs like a premium portion control deodorizer, managing the odor in the water and even in proximity from mounding. In addition to active ingredients, the non-staining blue dye and lavender fragrance are recognized as non-hazardous, eco-friendly agents. It is biocide- and bacteria-free, making it fully biodegradable and treatment plant-friendly. 800-883-1123;

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Potty Fresh Plus P.T. Spray Down 

Potty Fresh Plus P.T. Spray Down water-soluble spray from Surco Portable Sanitation Products eliminates stubborn odors and dirt in portable restrooms and provides long-lasting freshness. Its odor protection is designed to clean and disinfect portable restroom units using Metazene, an odor-neutralizing additive that destroys particles that cause vaporous malodors at their molecular level. Spray it on directly or mix it with water. It’s available in five fragrances — xtreme clean, cherry, lavender, super spice or bubblegum — packaged in cases of four 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. 800-556-0111;

Walex Bio-Pak

Walex’s Bio-Pak is a natural drop-in deodorizer designed to eliminate odors using natural enzymes. Operators can use it to keep the holding tanks inside restroom trailers and portable restrooms free of foul odors and also to reduce mounding. The packets are designed to be mess-free and dissolve quickly when placed into liquid. Each bag comes with 50 sachets, with each pre-portioned to provide about one week of odor control depending on the usage and climate. It is biodegradable, non-staining, biocide-free, formaldehyde-free and California-compliant. The formula is able to break down paper, eliminating the need for special toilet papers, and is designed to contain everything necessary to deodorize a tank. The enzyme-based formula digests built-up waste on tank walls and sensors that are a common source of odors in portable restrooms even after pumping or dumping the tank. 800-338-3155;

Cam Spray MCB3040

The MCB3040 skid-mount, hot-water pressure washer from Cam Spray is designed to move easily from truck to van to trailer. It offers 4 gpm at 3,000 psi from a Honda GX390 industrial gas engine and triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. It is equipped with low-pressure chemical injection and is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off. The burner system includes a rust-free fuel tank, Schedule 80 coil with stainless steel wrap, is controlled by an adjustable thermostat and temperature limit switch for a maximum temperature of 195 degrees F. The frame is constructed using industrial coated 2-inch tubing and comes equipped with a wand/hose rack. A heavy-duty trigger gun with a dual wand and side handle valve allows switching from high pressure cleaning to detergent application and is equipped with quick change 0-, 15-, 25- and 40-degree nozzles. 800-648-5011;


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