Product Focus - August 2021

Product Focus - August 2021

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Dispenser and Supplies

Satellite Industries Universal Dispensers 

Universal soap/sanitizer dispensers from Satellite Industries are designed for simplicity and flexibility. One combination dispenser fits both 800 ml and 1,000 ml soap/sanitizer pouches plus bulk soap cartridges. They allow PROs to streamline inventory control, enhance rental revenue and improve ease of service. They are easy to install as they use the same mounting location as 800 ml/1,000 ml dispensers (an insert can be quickly adjusted to fit 800 ml or 1,000 ml). They also offer a consistent look and size. 800-883-1123;

Hand Sanitizers

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Hand Sanitizer 80% gel

Hand Sanitizer 80% gel from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is an FDA-approved 80% ethanol gel that helps reduce bacteria that can potentially cause disease. It is a balanced formula that disinfects hands while leaving them feeling clean and smooth. It is suitable to use when soap and water are not available. The sanitizer is available in 1-gallon jugs, 4x1 gallon cases and 55-gallon drums. It is suitable for refilling dispenser bags. 800-345-3303;

Walex Hand Sanitizers

Walex has expanded its line of sanitizers and soaps this year in response to customer demand. The most popular remains instant gel sanitizer, which is a fragrance-free, 62% ethyl alcohol-based formula. Foaming options include hand sanitizer, non-alcohol hand sanitizer and hand soap. The company also stocks several Deb products, including InstantFOAM Non-Alcohol Sanitizer, InstantGEL Sanitizer and Refresh Azure FOAM soap. Also available are three unique dispensers, one for each type of sanitizer or soap available. 800-338-3155;

Hand Wash Trailer

JAG Mobile Solutions Smart Sink Trailer

The Smart Sink Trailer from JAG Mobile Solutions provides multiple hand-wash station access styles as well as no-hands faucet operation. They can have one to 32 hand-wash stations and can be configured to operate in outside temperatures from -20 degrees to 100 degrees F. They maximize freshwater and wastewater capacity, so each trailer provides up to 7,200 hand-washes between services. Water heater operations include tankless propane, electric tank-type or both to provide hot water up to 140 degrees F in all environments and allow it to be configured for off-grid usage. 800-815-2557;

McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers hand-wash station

The hand-wash station from McKee Technologies - Explorer Trailers is designed as a self-contained unit that allows outdoor event or worksite users to have easy access to warm water and soap dispensers. Options include mirrors and lighting. Stainless steel sinks and counters with self-closing, water-saver faucets are simple to maintain, according to the maker. A large polyethylene freshwater tank, paired with a galvanized graywater tank, ensures many uses before discharge and recharge. Setup is easy, and a custom-painted steel chassis with front-locking utility cabinet ensures the unit is aesthetically pleasing while safely containing the water heater and pressure tank. The graywater tank is horizontally mounted inside the chassis with a 2-inch discharge port at the rear. Units are built on a commercial-grade trailer chassis for easy towing and placement. 866-457-5425;

Rich Specialty Trailers eight-sink trailer

Rich Specialty Trailers offers a hand-washing trailer with eight sinks. The 10-foot trailer has four sinks on each side to maximize room for each sink, and the mechanical room access door on the rear of the trailer. The standard 300-gallon freshwater tank allows for plenty of uses for the sinks. The double doors on the rear allow plenty of room to access the mechanical room, maintain all trailer components and store the electrical cords for when the trailer is not in use. The electrical and water connections are positioned next to the mechanical room door, so they don’t interfere with the sinks while the trailer is in use. Each sink has a push metered faucet to preserve water, as well as a mirror, soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser. 260-593-2279;

Portable Restroom Accessories/Supplies

Surco Portable Sanitation Products Fresh Straps air fresheners

Fresh Straps air fresheners from Surco Portable Sanitation Products are scented polymer belted material wraps around the vent stack that cinch on like a zip tie to discourage theft. They are also tinted with a gray dye to camouflage on most vent stacks. They last several months, kicking out powerful fragrance into the portable to help with the odors during the heat of the summer. They are waterproof, are available in three fragrances, and come with 72 individually wrapped straps per case. 412-789-8683;

Portable Sinks

Armal Wave hand wash

The Wave hand wash from Armal has a slim profile, recessed foot pump and a keyed tamper-proof freshwater cap. The compact unit is easily installed inside portable restrooms and has a 7.5-gallon freshwater capacity. It is available in gray. 866-873-7796;

Manitu Traders multipoint hand-washing station

The multipoint hand-washing station from Manitu Traders is constructed from high-density polyethylene. It features two tanks: one on top for freshwater and one on the bottom for collecting wastewater. The design of the top tank lid allows it to collect and use rainwater. It offers four settings, with one to four hand-washing points. It is operated hands-free using a mechanical foot pedal. It doesn’t require hydraulics or an electrical connection, and the top tank includes a belt where soap and paper towels dispensers can be installed. The bottom tank includes a belt for transporting. It is available in 875- and 1,300-use sizes.

NuConcepts - Very Impressive Portables cabinet sinks

Cabinet sinks from NuConcepts - Very Impressive Portables are low maintenance, using high quality materials and various freshwater/waste tank sizes and cabinet configurations available, according to the maker. Sizes range from the standard 12-gallon tank model with an average of 250 uses to the largest 62-gallon with an average of 1,300 uses. The portable self-contained cabinet sinks are designed with today’s needs when washing hands is critical. Options include a small water tank heater, solar power and direct-connection options. 800-334-1065;

PolyJohn Bravo!

The two-station PolyJohn Bravo! portable hand-washing station is designed for easy transport and fits inside most portable restrooms. Placing the station in an allocated space is no problem, thanks to helpful built-in handles. The accommodating tie-down ring makes setup easy. It is a suitable option for high-traffic events with its 22-gallon freshwater capacity and 24-gallon graywater capacity, and it can be used up to 350 times without a refill. Two 30-ounce soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers are built in. The hands-free foot pump and warm-water heating feature make hand-washing comfortable and convenient. The unit includes a siphon port for easy pumpout. Drain plugs and lockable fill caps are included. 800-292-1305;

T blustar RP-Twin

The RP-Twin freestanding portable hand-wash station from T blustar connects two single RP-Clean sinks back-to-back on a pedestal with two soap dispensers and two hand towel dispensers. Each sink basin has a capacity of 15 gallons for freshwater and 15 gallons for graywater. The freshwater is filled into the first sink basin and dispensed by a foot pump to both of the faucets. The graywater from both sinks filter into the second hand-wash basin. Both sinks have shelves for cellphones or keys. 404-719-0715;

TSF Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink

The Tuff-Jon 90-gallon free-standing sink with trash container from TSF provides two wash stations; hands-free, foot-operated pumps; a towel dispenser; and a 10-cup-capacity soap dispenser. A lifting bracket allows for easy positioning in high-rise applications. The lifting bracket has a 1/4-inch wire cable, weighs 30 pounds and is safety orange. The unit is constructed from easy-to-clean polyethylene, with 45-gallon waste and freshwater capacities, a towel dispenser, trash container, protective skid plate and freshwater drain plug. It weighs 85 pounds. 800-843-9286; www.tuff‑  


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