Product Focus: Standard Restrooms

Product Focus: Standard Restrooms

Armal Wave

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Standard Portable Restrooms

Armal Wave

The Wave portable restroom from Armal is designed for easy assembly, handling and cleaning. The single-block floor is resistant to impact. The units are made of high-density polyethylene and are treated to resist UV damage, color fading and parts durability at extreme temperatures. Curved corners make it easy to handle, and smooth surfaces make it easy to clean, according to the maker. The unit can be configured with several options. 866-873-7796; 

J&J Portable Sanitation Products Echo

The Echo portable restroom from J&J Portable Sanitation Products is designed to withstand constant use and abuse. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it includes a domed floor with drains in front of the tank top for easy cleaning and no puddling. It includes an easy-to-clean deep-sump holding tank and a hover handle. The sides and roof have handgrips for easy moving. 800-345-3303; 

NuConcepts VIP

The VIP from NuConcepts uses extruded aluminum structural elements, polyethylene walls and sun-strong fiberglass doors. It is solar-powered and self-contained; and has a flushable porcelain toilet, sink with auto-off faucet, LED interior lights, exterior in-use light, power roof vent, acrylic mirror and rotocast tanks. Options include air conditioning (requiring 110 volts), interior heating, winterizing package, water heater, city water connections, dump valves and an upgraded countertop. 800-334-1065;


The P-Pod portable restroom utilizes a folding design that can be deployed quickly. Units are practical and lightweight, provide 30% more interior space and there is no need for the vent stack in traditional units. Their interchangeable tanks can be removed without tools in seconds. They can be equipped with a traditional drop tank, recirculating tank or freshwater flushing tank, while allowing complete sanitization of all surfaces. They can be stacked three high when not in use. 866-763-9436; 

PolyJohn PJN3

The PJN3 from PolyJohn has a spacious interior and a translucent roof. It features anti-slip floors, maximum ventilation, a two-roll paper dispenser and an occupancy signal latch. Options include a hand-wash sink or hand-sanitizer dispenser, convenience shelf with hook, locking kit and gender signs. It is available in the standard static tank model or with an optional recirculating flush tank. Its waste tank design makes cleaning and servicing easy, according to the maker. Each unit comes with a door-mounted mirror, handle and a non-splash urinal. It is made from high-grade polyethylene. 800-292-1305; 

Sansom Industries Zenith

Zenith portable restroom from Sansom Industries has an 80-gallon holding tank with deep sump, blow-molded construction, a roomy interior with ample headroom, smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning, stainless steel fasteners, a three-roll paper holder and attractive aesthetics, according to the manufacturer. Many custom options are available. 844-972-6766; 

Satellite Tufway

The Tufway from Satellite has a spacious, well-ventilated interior to reduce odors. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents promote continuous airflow. The urinal drains down the vent pipe, which prevents unwanted tank odors from venting back inside the unit. In addition, the seat is positioned at the furthest point from the urinal, away from odor and user’s direct sight. It can withstand impact and abusive handling without cracking or breaking, using fewer parts made from high-density polyethylene. Adding slope to the tank and floor forces liquids to drain, not puddle, and the sumped tank improves deodorizer coverage and assures quick, complete waste removal. 800-883-1123; 

T.S.F. Tuff Jon III

The Tuff Jon III from T.S.F. has molded wall vents, a sky heater, lifting brackets and a 16-gallon hand-wash station with foot pedal pump. Designed for easy cleaning, the one-piece polyethylene unit is available in nine colors and has a 70-gallon holding tank. Options include towel holder and soap dispenser. 800-843-9286;

Tblustar USA RapidLoo Star

The RapidLoo STAR from Tblustar USA is engineered to meet the needs of operators servicing special events and especially construction sites. It uses 16 latches to assemble one restroom. It was developed using roto-molding technology to provide durable HDPE plastic components that are resistant to the elements and extreme weather conditions. It features rounded corners to decrease friction on the ground during handling and to allow an easy tilt during the loading process. It includes double door springs, an easy-slide door handle and exterior grab handles on each panel. When assembled, the STAR measures 86.6 inches tall, 43 inches wide and 43 inches deep. It weighs 163 pounds empty and has a 48-gallon waste capacity. It is available in eight colors and the pieces are interchangeable. This allows for side wall color changes or easy replacement of single panels in cases of damage. 404-482-0736;

Thermoform MT 18 Paramo

The MT 18 Paramo from Thermoform utilizes tough construction and enhanced security features to ensure unit longevity. It is produced using UV-resistant and durable resin with international certifications — ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. To reduce vandalism, the hinge shaft is made from high-resistance plastic, in addition to embedded counterweights and metal single-springs. It includes a double-barrier filter and locking cup. It is designed to simplify cleaning and reducing dirt accumulation. Rainwater guides ensure water will flow easily. Company logos can be molded into the wall of the restroom.


Allied Graphics decals

Decals from Allied Graphics are designed for the portable restroom industry to stick and stay on units and in tough environments. The long-life vinyl decals use ultraviolet inks to look good for years, according to the maker. The decals can also be applied to sinks and trailers. 763-428-8365;

Dynamic Print + Promotions MonsterStick

MonsterStick portable restroom decals from Dynamic Print + Promotions are made from flexible, 3.2-mil material that contours to textured surfaces and adheres without excessive adhesive. The decals include UV lamination for long life and are made with UV inks for maximum pigment and life span. They are formulated to adhere to Lavant Grain textured surfaces. 800-472-0285; 

ROEDA decals

ROEDA decals are adhered using an upgraded compound adhesive comprised of multiple elements that allows for high adhesion rating that surpasses the company’s previous line of adhesive applied vinyl. The decals have an increased coat weight to provide a wider range of conformability to textured surfaces. The vinyl has gone through comprehensive testing periods over the last year to ensure optimized adhesion for decal longevity. 800-829-3021;


LunarGlo solar lights

LunarGlo solar lights are designed to improve the user experience and make units easier to clean after dark. Life expectancy is 3-5 years. Lights provide consistent brightness from dusk to dawn and the ability to take pressure washing day after day with no impact on performance. 574-294-2624;

Solar LED Innovations Solar Pod Lights

Solar Pod Lights from Solar LED Innovations are available in three versions that provide 30, 50 and 65 lumens to fully illuminate portable restrooms for special events and nighttime use. Low-profile units install in minutes and double lock securely through the roof. Automatic darkness sensors and motion sensors control lighting as well as a manual on/off option. Up to 30 hours of light are provided from a single day charge in the sun. 484-639-4833;  


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