Do Your Restrooms Pass the White-Glove Test?

If your portable restrooms are looking worn-out and reek of overuse, breathe new life into them with these cherry-picked products and cleaning solutions.
Do Your Restrooms Pass the White-Glove Test?
Air MAX air freshener discs from Green Way Products by PolyPortables

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Are your restrooms fresh as the morning dew — fully stocked, white-glove clean and odor free? Or do they suffer from overuse? 

Jason Waite, co-owner of JC’s Johns Portable Sanitation Services in Oskaloosa, Iowa, believes in making a good first impression. He uses a liquid deodorant with formaldehyde on the 115 units in his inventory. Waite also places a scent disc inside each restroom. “You can smell it before you even open the door,” he says. 

Waite insists his restrooms look their best, whether at a wedding or on a construction site. “I think the best thing you can do is always make sure they look presentable and new. Don’t have two different standards.” 

Air fresheners and deodorants can also reduce service times, freeing up your time for more jobs. Make a good first impression; check out these products: 

  • Air MAX air freshener discs from Green Way Products by PolyPortables contain more odor-fighting fragrance oil than Air Standard discs, extending effective usage and reducing service times.
  • Exodor PT-50 Supreme from Walex Products is a concentrated odor control formula for extreme conditions, including heat and overuse. It utilizes the company’s WAVE 2 technology, and contains additives that break down paper and waste.
  • Potty Fresh Plus XL from Surco Products is a strong, non-formaldehyde restroom deodorant that provides effective odor control in extreme conditions, including high heat and traffic areas.
  • True-X Series Deodorizers from J&J Chemical are formulated with time-released ingredients that eliminate odors. Suitable for year-round use, the biodegradable, non-formaldehyde liquid is made for extreme conditions and heavy traffic. 

Randy Van Rhee, co-owner of Kerkstra Services in Hudsonville, Mich., sprays his restrooms with a disinfectant and pressure washes them with hot water before they’re sent out for service. 

“On site, the guys scrub them down and rinse them out with the pressure washer we have on the trucks,” he says. “It’s just a matter of taking your time on the job and making sure you scrub them down and rinse them out each time you service them,” he says of the 2,400 units in his inventory. 

Take your time and keep your restrooms looking their best with theses handpicked cleaning systems: 

  • The truck-mounted Pathfinders spray system from Satellite Industries reduces mold and bacteria by 86 percent over traditional cleaning methods. The disinfectant also removes rust and calcium deposits, leaving a shiny residue that resists graffiti and dust.
  • The TRS-2500 trailer pressure washer from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters delivers up to 3,500 psi and 200-degree water. Features include a 200-gallon polyethylene water tank, 4.7 gpm pressure washer skid with electric start and generator.
  • The Steam Jenny electric cold pressure washer from Jenny Products can be used in enclosed areas. Powered by a Marathon or Baldor electric motor, it delivers pressure ratings between 1,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates from 1.5 to 4.8 gpm.
  • The 4,200 psi cold-water pressure washer from Water Cannon has a Honda GX 390 electric start engine with a low oil shutdown mechanism to ensure it never runs without proper lubrication. It also features a thermo-sensor to prevent pump overheating.
  • The EZ-8 tank-cleaning machine from Gamajet features a fluid-driven, versatile and durable design that is lightweight for easy handling and maneuverability. It has a flow rate of 25 to 130 gpm and a pressure range of 20 to 1,000 psi.
  • Wipe Out graffiti remover from Chempace Corporation removes marker, paint, pen and pencil marks from all types of surfaces. It can dissolve difficult soils such as grease and tar easily.
  • Certified Graffiti Remover from Nilodor Deep Blue is a ready-to-use water-based paint and ink remover that safely breaks down the bond between paint and the surface.
  • St. George’s Foam Shield from Servant Products stops backsplash, suppresses smell, keeps bugs out and improves the visual appeal of restroom holding tanks. 

As an extra incentive, Van Rhee offers his eight, full-time service techs a monthly bonus for restroom cleanliness. Fifty dollars is deducted for each complaint. More than two complaints and technicians lose their bonus. 

“And it’s got to be a legitimate complaint,” Van Rhee says. “A lot of calls you get is, ‘Our hand sanitizer is gone.’ Well, they’re supposed to check that every time they service the unit. But running out of toilet paper, there’s no excuse for that. They should be restocking it good enough so they don’t run out. That would be a legitimate complaint.” 

Avoid odor complaints this summer and ensure your technicians have the best available products to keep restrooms looking — and smelling — fresh: 

  • Glacier Bay Dry Toss Paks from Five Peaks provide the same effective odor control, fragrance and deep blue color mask as liquid deodorant with the convenience of pre-measured powder, water-soluble, ready-to-use pouches.
  • Biosorb portable restroom deodorizer from Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp Industries is available in liquid or dry water-soluble portion packs. The main odor-control ingredients are blends of non-pathogenic facultative bacteria and enzymes.
  • Odor Guard SUPER Concentrated from Liquid Waste Industries is a time-released, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-formaldehyde agent that breaks down paper and waste.
  • Portable restroom deodorizer from Porta Pro Chem Co. is non-toxic, non-allergenic and free from phosphates, formaldehyde, Dichlorobenzene, enzymes and heavy metals. It neutralizes odors by forming a non-volatile complex with the odorant.
  • Bio products from Safe-T-Fresh include liquid and powder packets in a variety of strengths, formulated with natural enzymes and biocides to reduce odors and break down waste naturally.
  • Porta-Treat packs from Bionetix contain natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste. Cellulose in toilet paper is reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water. 

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